ADSactly Travels - Timișoara, a gem in Eastern Europe, ready to be discovered

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Timișoara, a gem in Eastern Europe, ready to be discovered

Timișoara lies in Eastern Europe, in Romania to be more precise. It is the place where I spent a third of my life and always love to come back. The city is vibrant as it is one of the bigger university cities in Romania and a hub for the automotive industry in Europe.

A couple of days ago, I visited Timișoara again and took some pictures to be able to take you on a virtual tour of the cities old town.

Unirii Square

We will start our tour with the Unirii Square which can be translated to unification square. It is my favorite place from the whole city. The photos are done in a grey winter day but you should imagine it in the spring, where the square is filled with terraces as almost every building host a cafe or a bar inside and in the warmer days in front of it.

The buildings are gorgeous. By the way, this city and this square have been the first in Continental Europe to use public electric lighting in 1884 and one of the first worldwide to introduce trams as means of public transport.

I like this square as it is also a sign of peace. It is the if not the single one of the fewest where 3 different confessions share a square for their churches, the Roman Catholic church, the Romanian Orthodox and the Serbian Orthodox, all three being different but all being Christian and cohabitated for centuries together.

Somewhere in one of the stones, as an easter egg, there is a hidden map of the old fortress. It is not easily found even with local guidance.

From the Unirii Square we go towards the Victoriei Square (victory square), the biggest one in Timișoara.

On the way there I see that some buildings are being renovated...

...some have been renovated...

...and some wait to be renovated.

We pass another square, this time the Libertății Square (liberty square).

Here we find a 3D map of the old town on how it looks now.

This fountain, which is also a piece of art contains all the names of the ones killed in the revolution who overthrown the communism regime in 1989. Also, the Romanian revolution started here in Timișoara.

The first building in the Victoriei Square is the Operhouse which also holds the theater.

It is also a unique theater in the world as it holds three different state theaters in three different languages, Romanian, German and Hungarian. I loved being a student to go to all three theaters, as I speak both Romanian and German fluently and a bit of Hungarian.

Speaking of the student years. This is the main building of the university where I studied for 7 years. Sometimes if you stay to long it get's spooky or at least this is a student legend

It is also located in the main square.

The symbol of Timișoara is the Romanian Orthodox Cathedral which is located also in Victoriei Square. It is a relatively new building, finished during World War II.

The Christmas market is still open till the 7th of January, because there is a small Serbian minority in the city and the Serb celebrate Christmas Eve on the 6th of January.

Beside the usual stuff you can find on an Christmas Market in Europe like sausages, steak and mulled wine, there was also some traditional pottery present.

I made also some new friends.

After we left the main square and walked on the small streets close by.

We found the old synagogue which during my student times hosted a lot of parties and electronic festivals. Obvious it was at that time not a synagogue anymore.

In the evening we went out with a friend and on the way to the restaurant, we stopped at this marvelous church.

It is called the Millenium Church and was the first time for me as I entered it.

Some fun facts about the city:

  • in 2021 the city will be the European Capital of Culture
  • the first Tarzan, Johnny Weissmüller was born hier in Timișoara. He did also win 6 Olympic gold medals for USA and was the Michael Phelps of his days
  • also the first Dracula, Bela Lugosi, was born 50 km away form Timișoara
  • in 2013, for 6 months it was the city with the fastest internet in the world (might be that I moved out at the beginning of 2013)
  • Francesco Illy, the inventor of the first automatic machine was also born here, so if you drink an Illy caffe, you know now where it cames from
  • like said before, it was the second city in the world after New York that was lit by electric street lamps
  • Johann Hollaender, was the longest general manager of the Vienna State Opera, as you can guess he was also born here

What to do?

  • you can write the local guides at for a cool tour around the city
  • visit the city in the spring, the parks are full with roses as it was also the city which supplied the Habsburg empire with this flowers
  • as it is a student town, there are a lot of clubs and bars open, all year round and every day till the morning hours you can party; the price advantage for drinks is huge being in Eastern Europe
  • eating out is also for Europe cheap, for example a pair of ribs is under 9 Eur
  • stay at, it is located in the city center with amenities of a hotel and the prices of a hostel

Hope this post opened your curiosity and you want to visit this wonderful city.

Authored by: @alexvan

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Never thought that you could travel in my contry Romania and you would remain so impressed about it. I am living in Iasi, in the Moldavian region of Romania and you should consider it as well for your future travels as it was also the capital of Romania under the leadership of Alexandru Ioan Cuza. Also the Romanian union started here so it is a great place of history. If the opportunity arise I could be your guide.

Timișoara is really a beautifull town and look like all the buildings natural beauty not look like the art of man and the 3d map is really awesome to see the whole town in map the great work of the mappest the incredible beauty of town is attracting to go there and live and feel the joys in the cool and relax town and also good that you lived here and hope now you miss this and therefor u come back here some time............
really a man dont describe the beauty of Timișoara in words and these photos are showing us the beauty of Timișoara all shots u took are best from all best angles which shows us everything of whole town like as we are there

i like your all tours like these some speciall your cave tomb and this twon is really a good work to share with us and shows us the world best beauty @adsactly ..
i appriciate you to for your best journy

I often travel by car and have always wanted to visit this beautiful country - Romania. Timisoara is a beautiful place with its historical sights that attract its unusual architecture. The gray of the day creates a certain atmosphere that is very beautiful and aesthetic to look and perceive.
I read about this theater, it has an interesting background.
In general, your day in this beautiful place is like a guide and recomendations for those who want to visit the most beautiful place and did not decide on the choice.
Thanks, I got aesthetic pleasure


Without doubts and sentiments, Timisoara is a beautiful city to behold. Many of the scenes here are charascterised by peace, warmth, radiance and romance. It sure will enhance a great honeymoon vacation and I'm beginning to think. Nice one @alezvan.

I read online that Romania is fast becoming a top travel destination in Europe and seeing these pictures just confirms that. This is very beautiful and I hope to visit this someday.

I read online that Romania is fast becoming a top tourist destination in Europe. Seeing the pictures in this post confirms this sentiment, this is beautiful, I wish to visit someday.

Great post about a great city! Thanks :)

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great photografhy nice place have nice day.

foarte frumos, si daca o luam asa Timisoara e capitala romaniei ca de acolo ar fi inceput revolutia :D

Beautiful city post

Really pretty city, been there many times, they are pumping lots of money into the city before 2021 when it will be Euro capital of culture city.

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I have followed you. Lets win mutually

True, it is the city with most historic buildings from Romania.

Yeah the architecture is great. I've heard more and more cool stuff abou Romania lately. @adsactly Gibt es abgesehen von dem Theater viele deutsche Einrichtungen etc. dort?

Ja es gibt, das Deutsche Forum, das Deutsche Kultur Zentrum:, das Deutsch-Rumänische Wirtschafts Klub, ein paar Schulen mit Unterricht auf Deutsch.

Nice, danke!

Im so jealous of your travels! Keep sharing!

Great post and nice photos

My fellow Romanians on Steemit will be proud to read this wonderful piece :)

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not only Romanians. Filipinos were amazed by this!

check my travel diary and an upvote will help me a lot!

I love that city, it is full of vibe and life.

he follow and upvote I follow and upvote back

Oh, Eastern Europe . How I would love to go there. Is is very expensive to travel in this area and how much money that I need to spend if I plan to go there for 10 days just as bag packer but will stay in the cheaper hotel but with safety ? Will 10 day be enough for just some basic walk and sightseeing ?

I think it is very cheap compared to Hong Kong. I think you still got some special rate to London. From London you can take either Wizz Air or Ryanair, which are low cost flights. I flew with 20$ that distance. There are good hostel like that one mentioned or you can try couchsurfing. A lot of people will welcome you, just check the history on the profile. In 10 days you can make also a Transylvania tour.

Thank you for bringing us to @alexvan! The place was so lovely, though the buildings are so old. I wish I can go to Romania! :)
Thank you @adsactly! :)

This city looks very nice, never heared from it before. But seems a good location to spend a weekend and feel the city.

Great post 👏👏👏👍😊

You are in Romania!!! What's the next destination @adsactly? Indeed, Timisioara is a beautiful city

A really great post. I have not yet explored further into the East of Europe and your post has inspired me to look into travelling. Dover is only just down the road and hopping on a train in France and travelling seems a better plan than the ratrace here in England.

@adsactly, where's the best places to eat there? Beautiful city and love architecture!

It depends on what you want to eat, if you like ribs, than Jarvis would be the pick, if you are into burgers I would recommend La Strada The Food Architects, traditional kitchen would be Casa Bunicii - Bălcescu.

I used to live in Romania for one year. I've visited many places, even Craiova! But never Timi... I dunno... I always wanted but it was never on my way. I definitely must change it :)

even Craiova!

This says it all. Timi is different ;)

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Amazing city. Recovered so fast after the revolution of 89...

You were also in Bucharest?

Not this time. Probably an ADSactly post on Bucharest will follow in spring.

Nice to se other people culture and town. I'm trying to write about my country, and travel to. I think steem will help me with that. :)

I have been there many times. I personally think it is one of the most beautiful places in Central Europe (very underrated in my opinion).

I also like how it shows the many elements that define Romania. Bucharest has a distinctly different feeling to it.

Romania has such an incredibly rich history to it, fantastic writers (both living and dead) and amazing music.

Additionally, I'd recommend that anybody who goes to the market square buy a few sweets. They are simply divine!

Timisoara is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. It's a city with many tourist attractions. Romania is a wonderful country and I am very glad you promote it. I'm proud to be Romanian. Lovely photos, my friend!

Timisoara - Where the Anti-Ceasescu Revolution got its start!

WOWW,,, Super looking this place. Yeah, Most of the Eastern European country has too many awesome and historical place to visit. I had a chance to visit Romania and I really enjoyed my tour that time. But it was only for two days trip, that's why I haven't got enough time to visit most of the places in Romania.

Where have you been in Romania? What did you like about it?

visited the place, awesome.

I live in Belgrade and pity thing trains are discontinued. Now its the best to visit Timisoara from Belgrade by car.

I know, sadly the train got discontinued. When I was living in Timisoara we drove to Belgrade 2,3 times a year. Now everybody is going for the cheap flights from Serbian Air.


funny to see a post about my hometown in here. I was just last night on one of these streets, clumsily walking drunk and high, trying not to stumble on a pigeon whilst checking out girls on the other sidewalk

Looks very beautiful! I've always had an interest in traveling to Eastern Europe. Romania was not really on my plans, but I think that has definitely changed.

How is the food in Romania or specifically in Timișoara? Must be delicious I assume! =)

Let's put it this way, if you eat local you get local natural food. Vegetables have taste, not like the things you get in a supermarket. And food is cheap compared to other parts of Europe.

Wow! What a great travelogue to a place that is near unknown to me! The photography and commentary is really special.

Thank You!

the feature that first thing caught in my eye is the photo of the church. yes it was so marvelous, it was very captivating and it makes me wonder how many years is it already

wow really amazing sir. and thank you for the info sir @alexvan

awesome pictures and yes Timisoara is nice city I was 3 times and liked every time 😀😀

hello the theme published in your post is Wonderful about the city Timisoara, has curious facts as the first Tarzan, Johnny Weissmüller was born here in Timişoara.all the city is observed magica the photos are excellent.
Best regards
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Good job @alexvan! ☺️

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Thank you!

Thanks for taking me on a tour round Timisoara. I love the photography. Thumbs up 👍

i have never visit these place so i'm happy you share this post thanks much

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the first Tarzan, Johnny Weissmüller was born hier in Timișoara. He did also win 6 Olympic gold medals for USA and was the Michael Phelps of his days

I once went to a place where a scence for one of Johnny Weissmüllers movies had been shot. Therefore, Timișoara would be a good destination for my Tarzan-travel-series :)

Great post, thanks.

Amazing and very interessing post thank you for sharing
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pictures are very well taken. 3D map of the old town is excellent. i heard about Serbian minority in the city.

specially Millennium Church photos are very well taken. highlight points about the city and the guidelines to visit time is appreciated.

Great post!!! It will be nice to visit Romania in the future.

Wow, so beautiful especially the Libertății Square

wow so beautiful

thanks for the info and the images

I like to always be ready to spend such a place and here and I like those who sell on such a photo steem.

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Well I do not have any risk I have followed your

Splendid blog! I would like to share my post here too!! If you enjoy photography than check it out!

hello dear,, nice post nice photograph

Excellent without words ...

Looks like a great one place.Traveling, exploring is one of the biggest hobbies of people. Everyone likes to see new places. Sharing this with friends and family is the most exciting part of the trip. With the emergence of social media, we have seen the interest of people to visit and see.The life of people who have been sightseeing is more meaningful. They tell people about their favorite places and they light their surroundings.So ,THANK YOU for post sir! @adsactly

Amazing dear.. It looks quiet and lovely place to movement.
♦Upvoted and resteemed♥

beautiful overview of Timișoara want to go there myself

Beautiful city. I wish I get to go here someday.

Amazing place..Much obliged for sharing it...

Looks really beautiful. I've never heard of it before, but looks like something that I should add to my list. @adsactly

Yes #Timisoara is really a gem in Europe. I like it very much simply a Heaven for me. I just followed you because i like all your posts, keep it up buddy
Thanks #adsactly for sharing

looks gorgeous! how far from it do you live?

Bueatiful city of Timisoara.

Thank you for your recommendation, the center of European culture, I hope to visit one day .thanks for sharing

Love it Totally.

I have just started to start a Series in my Page as well.
let me know :)

It is a beautiful place , with nice structures,thanks for sharing

It's very nice. I've already follow you.


Beautiful, Romania looks like a wonderful country to visit, I've never seen Timisoara before so I really appreciate the look. :)


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Great post with nice photos. Thank you for sharing your value.

Wow! It looks peaceful and beautiful place to travel.


Looks amazing man your post is very good I like u

Beautiful images you share.Another very interesting post you share.Thanks for sharing.Adsactly

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Such great place to visit

Never seen anything so cool, nice pictures!! @adsactly

Amazing post!!

That's so beautiful. I'll definitely want to visit the Millenium Church. One day! One day!

Great Post and great city, Travel time very nice place.

The city is beautiful, not in an extravagant way, but it exudes quiet elegance and dignity. It looks culturally rich as well, probably reflecting its history. A good place for people who like to experience something that's calm and relaxing, since it looks different from most of the bustling cities full of people.

Nice! Congrats for recive a lot upvote! ✨💫

Amazing Photo, Hello From Aceh, Indonesia

Indeed I want to believe you enjoyed yourselves their what a awesome edifice. I only read about it but this picture are awesome

Thanks for your post!
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Beautiful place to live
nice shot

wow beautiful city.ill visit in 2019 yeah

It is a very beautiful place to be and from the buildings, one can really see the rich culture of Timisoara

awesome dear you are so lucky who enjoyed life on your way great work hope you always enjoyed your life as a biker i just image who you enjoy and seeing a reality of life great god bless you dear

Wow...such a nice post!

wow, nice photo..helpful post, thanks

with the pictures of the city, i felt one day i would visit romania and also share stories same as you

Same case . We should plan a day and visit

Great Post! Great City! and Great Idea! I have followed you.

I love your stories! I become big fan!

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