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RE: ADSactly Poetry - The rebellion of the muses

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Like the previous one, this publication is very interesting and also guides reflection on the role of women in society. The poems quoted, certainly, have a great burden of rebellion and protest. In "The Walls of Spring" this mother shows her son the reality as it is, without euphemisms, and thus protects him, thus manifesting the natural feeling of the woman-mother. I liked it very much. María Auxiliadora Álvarez's poem is the cries to the universe for the marked and unjust differences between man and woman. With respect to this, I think that in these times things have changed, maternity is also shared by men. Although they do not breastfeed or suffer the ailments of women, they have made more presence in the care of children. from birth. And with the last one you quote, I also agree with your analysis, @nancybriti. Women, beings to obey instructions, but only until the limit of tolerance is exhausted and they rebel. A quality article, thank you @adsactly for spreading it.


As a woman you know how hard it has been for us to be here, you and I writing and writing about women, @aurodivys. We have achieved many goals and many spaces, thank God. There are still, in many countries, silenced women. It's good that there are spaces like this and poetry where women have the opportunity to express themselves. Bravo for us. Greetings