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RE: ADSactly Short Story - A Painted Serpent

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Greetings, @churchboy, good to have one of your stories again. The subject of social networks is complex, the activity in them must be developed with great prudence and taking care of privacy so that manipulators do not appear to violate the tranquility. I liked very much this story that may well be instructive and may serve to guide young people about the consequences that may exist if the use of social networks gets out of control. I liked the fact that the girl spoke frankly with her father to take off the weight that overwhelmed her. Clearly, communication and trust are the key between parents and children to avoid getting into trouble. A very real and well written story. Thank you for sharing it @churchboy and @adsactly for spreading it.


Thank you @aurodivys. I am always humbled that you find time to read my stories. You are right about your observations. Most young people never think of the consequences of their actions or inactions on social media. And when they are confronted with the results of their carefree attitude like in this story, they usually don't know how to react. I think that blackmail is one of the worst crimes against your fellow man that anyone could commit, hence the term "lowlife". However, when one is confronted with it, the difficult but only effective way to handle it is to come clean and come out in front of whatever deeds the blackmailer is holding over you if it would not cause irreparable damage to your life and that of your loved ones.

Thank you for being here. Happy New Year!