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RE: ADSactly Poetry - The submission of the muses

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This series that you announce, @nancybriti, is extremely interesting, already from the first article. The attitude of the woman (who as you say can be girlfriend, wife, mother, daughter, etc.) towards the other is a complex issue. Sometimes what can be thought simply as submission, can be love, surrender, in the good sense. I think it will depend a lot on her psychological and psychic disposition. Now, I think I sense in most of the voices (the speakers) of the poets quoted, in their verses, an ironic sense, in some more marked than in others. Pending your other posts. Thank you and greetings.


Indeed, @josemalavem. Irony is a resource that can be observed in almost all the poems cited, especially that of Patricia Guzmán. I feel, for example, that in this husband's poem there is a questioning of the masculine role, but also the feminine one, which places the man in the center of the table, of the universe, even knowing that the navel of the world is she. Excellent and sharp comment. Thank you for your reading always.