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RE: ADSactly Short Story - A Painted Serpent

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Well read you again in this beginning of 2019, @churchboy. Congratulations! As it has been so far in what you have published, this story has a very well-developed realism. I like the use you make of the narrative voice through the second person (the "you"), which gives the story a more personalized and psychological character, as if it were all an inner monologue, with dialogue inclusions. I also liked the attitude that is imposed on both her boyfriend and her father, and, of course, on herself to overcome the problem. The image that gives the story its title (a painted serpent) is very accurate.
The theme is very topical, and has been generating much concern in families and young people. Social networks can be used, as has already been demonstrated, as a means of manipulation. It is necessary that citizens, especially young people, have guidance in this regard.
Thank you for your post, and @adsactly for spreading it. Greetings.


Thank you so very much. You have all my respect for your in depth literary appreciation and how you bring out the essence of my humble writing.

Happy New Year!