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A simply wonderful essay @nancybriti. You have the ability to say, describe and present in a simple way a literary ocean. I am really struck by its beginning "the particular way of looking at things and ordering them, of being" ... I think it is an indisputable truth !! There is no feminism in her affirmation, there is a woman who is reflected in the mirror of another woman's literature. I see that there lies his great success in this essay. And it goes further, in the interpretation of Reina Varela's poem "Domestic work as a way of pleasing, but also of intimacy with the other, of showing love" ... here goes back to that vision of the beginning of this post.
When I read the final paragraph then I reread the poems that you published and I realize that possibly "being a woman" is a very complex entity that when you love (no matter whom: father, son, husband) simply surrenders. It is a matter of action or act of the heart rather than of gender or reason.
Best regards @nancybriti and thanks for the reference of the Anthology. Thanks for sharing @adsactly.
Congratulations to @honeydue who inspired this publication through a reference from him


Good thing you liked it, @marcybetancourt. One of the interesting things about poetry is that it is as intimate and unique as a feeling. And poetry is woman. I like to think of the woman as a complex poem, but interesting; simple but touching; of verses and prose; of perfect rhymes, but also of free verses. Women, like poetry, should not be pigeonholed or created formulas, because she gives herself only to the most sensitive. Thank you for your valuable comment. I appreciate it.