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RE: ADSactly Short Story - A Painted Serpent

in #adsactly3 years ago

Hello, dear friend. I missed your stories. This one stands out for its type of narrator, for its current history and for that ending, although simple, rich in possibilities. I like the way you develop the actions that you never think this could be the end. I also like the attitude of the groom, who perhaps we could believe is going to turn his back or question it. These days, it's so easy to fall prey not only to the blackmail of acquaintances and strangers but also to the provocation or fashion of showing our body in the nets, without realizing to what extent this could be harmful to us. Beware of these hidden enemies! Thank you for such an excellent story, @churchboy and @adsactly for sharing.


@nancybriti I have missed seeing you here. I had been very busy with life but I am so happy to be back here.

Yes! There are bad people everywhere and that includes the Internet and we have to be careful.

Thank you and Happy New Year.