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RE: ADSactly Poetry - The submission of the muses

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I feel great satisfaction to read your essay The submission of the muses where you present us the interwoven voice, in different literary genres, of some Venezuelan writers of the last century who gather around El hilo de la voz, that wonderful anthology work carried out by two great figures of Venezuelan femininity and poetry: Yolanda Pantin and Ana Teresa Torres.
I agree with you, @nancybriti, when you say that women have such an intense way of surrendering themselves to what they often want to be confused with submission and, moreover, I add, on many occasions overflow the thin lines that separate love from madness.
Thank you, @nancybriti, for giving us the voice of the muses in the flow of your lyrical pen.


That thin thread that separates human and inhuman sacrifice from love to submission is what can sometimes be questioned. The woman as the center that can do everything and that is ordered around her: the great mother and martyr. Pleased and grateful for your comment, @oacevedo.