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RE: ADSactly Poetry - The rebellion of the muses

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Beautiful post

The beauty of the words in the poem covers a much deeper content. The pain of women's pain funds dikeloala become a beautiful string of words, so that when reading as if we were tearing our own stomach while eating ice cream. The delicacy of poetry is felt as a food for a thirsty soul with deep understanding. It's not just rhetoric or sweetening of lips. If we dive further, we will feel the incomparability of the women who are unrivaled. Giving birth to a baby, caring for a child serving a husband and of course this is the way to true happiness
Thank you @nancybriti
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I think there is a lot of sacrifice, but the woman is human: she suffers, she feels, she cries, she lives. She is a complex being, but as a human being she has her limits. There are times when women need to remember those limits and it's good that the word exists. Grateful for always commenting, @rokhani