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RE: ADSactly Poetry - The submission of the muses

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Enlightening Post

Poems which inspired by women, create beautiful work. From the content, rhyme and diction we can understand about the writer thought.
Your post remind all the women in the world, to struggle and do everything we need.
Women are the pillars of a family. if the husband is the head then the wife is the brain and heart of the family. How the family will run is very closely related to how the wife, the woman regulates it. The big role of women will also determine the course of a country. Because the state is a family in a very large form. Thanks to women, great leaders will also be born. Thanks to women children grow up to be independent and successful.
Women's rebellion which denies equality as equal to men is something that cannot be denied.
Thank you @ nancybriti
Thank you @adsactly
Thank you steemit
Warm regard from Indonesia


I do not believe in equality driven by feminism. The man and the woman must have equal rights and equal duties, in a legal manner. However, as the author of this publication says, "there is a vision, a way of seeing, of being and ordering things" that starts on chromosome 22 xx. Greetings @rokhani, very important your contribution and reflection

The woman as a whole! They speak of mother nature for a reason. The woman as a center that begets, feeds, raises, educates, loves. Thank you for always commenting, @rokhani