🎤ADSACTLY Records / STEEMIT NEW Exclusive Single.🎤 "From The Block to the BlockChain" by @rondonson Adsactly Records Label First Listen. Blockchain Based Record Label.

Adsactly Records First Release🎤
Steemit Exclusive
Before the Budget Collection Series

Track Title: From The Block
Album/EP: To The Blockchain
Artist: @rondonson
Release Date: September 2017
Adsactly Records

What is Adsactly Records, Exactly?🎤

The Adsactly Records Vision is clear, become a Power House on the Blockchain in music spanning across all genres while dropping original content and music made by steemians and crypto lovers.

But we aren't just about making music, we also will market,promote,advertise and push our artist on the blockchain. Getting them the most exposure that we possibly can.

We aim to get our artist maximum Post Payouts.

Other services include🎤

Unique Music Videos.
Access to the Adsactly Beat Library.
Selling Beats for Crypto
Adsactly Records Rap Challenge brought to you by @rondonson and more.

Genres We Will Cover🎤

  • EDM,Dance,House,Trance,Dubstep,Minimal.
  • Indie/Indie Pop
  • HipHop
  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Chill / Lo Fi
  • Cinematic
  • World and Cultural
    + Working hard to create new sounds, New Waves in music.

So How Will We Sign Artist?🎤

You pick the tier that you want to be in based on your situation. Here is a Mock Model of how contracts would work.🎤

Tier 1🎼

We Provide Instrumentals/Beats.
We Provide Ghost Writing help.
We Mix & Master.
We Market and Promote the artist.

The Artist will receive 25% Of Post Rewards. (Adsactly will post music/media first. Then after 7 days the artist can post per their own account)

This Tier would suggest that Adsactly Records is doing more than 50% of the work to produce and promote the artist.

Tier 2🎼

We Market and Promote the Artist.
We Provide Instrumentals.
We Mix & Master.

The Artist will receive 50% of Post Rewards. (Adsactly will post music/media first. Then after 4 days the artist can post per their own account)

This tier would suggest that Adsactly Records is doing less than 50% of the work to Produce & Promote the artist. Which means the artist gets a bigger cut.

Tier 3🎼

Market and Promotion of Artist.
We Provide Instrumentals.
Maybe Mix & Master.

This tier would suggest that the Artist is already self established and Adsactly Records does not have to do anything else other than Market and Promote. Which in that case the artist takes a 60% - 75% cut and Adsactly takes the rest as cost for promoting and Marketing. ( Can Post as Adsactly Records Post)

All Tiers Subject to change

💰Events we will be holding in the future💰

Adsactly Records Logo Contest. - Logo Contest
Adsactly Radio Life Job Contest. - Apply to be a host or DJ on the Adsactly Radio Station. (Paying gig)
Adsactly Artist Search Contest. - Find a random artist and market them to the Moon!
Adsactly Listen and Release Party. - Gather some people for Exclusive Adsactly Album Releases.
Adsactly / Steemit Mix Tape Event. - Community Driven Music Project.
Adsactly Signing Event. - Signing new artist from the Blockchain.

We are balancing the budget currently, once we are done we plan on hiring people to do work for the Adsactly Record Label! We will need;
Market Team
Research Team
Writing Team.

All paying jobs based on performance per person(s)/team.

More Information will be released soon about ARL. If you wish to become an Adsactly Records Artist, reach out to @sirlunchthehost, Adsactly Records CEO. via Discord Here or by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

PS - Also need a secretary with great grammar skills and posting abilities. Position needs filling ASAP. Is a weekly paying gig.

Check out and support ABN Adsactly Broadcasting Network


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This song is crazy dope! Praise the Gawd @rondonson and Adsactly Records!

@teamsteem salute to you! Thanks for listening, plenty more where this came from.

Super addictive track! Best rap I've heard in a long time!

That is so much appreciated bro!

Nice beat...keep posting, thanks.

I love the name of the EP

@rondonson keep up the great tracks ! i love this!

@voice-of-one thank you so much for the support! I will keep them coming

This is way dope. I would love to be an artist for Adsactly. Not sure how far along you all are but here's a video I very recently released. Hope to hear from you! Enjoy.

Do you use discord? If so I am interested in talking with you.

I do have discord but i'm not quite sure how to use it. I did just post my new music video on there.

This huge, with this breakthrough steem and steemit became a game changer and a missing link of blockchain.

ahaan amazing music enjoyed :)

thank you my friend

The story of a very remarkable couple. Follow me @danker

Wow! Nice Song.. Very Talented..Keep us inspired with your RAP song..More Power!

What a noble gesture? This is going to revolutionize the music industry and merge it with the ever growing Cryptoshhere. You got a fan in me.

Hi friend,
Welcome to Steemitwallet Blog inspiration to create in our community

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For more information about Steemitwallet,.>>....click here

Such a great initiative and project. Music is something that appeals to almost anybody and here at Steemit we can use more of it :) Great to read that you will cover so many different genres including electronic dance music; I hope you go for the quality stuff :)

what genre is this exactly ? @sirlunchthehost ..come see this @samstickkz

love this post . thanks for share . waiting for your next post

Plz upvote revote and follow me @devrajlove

Keep winning boy

Goodlooking out fam!

thank you brotha

@sirlunchthehost I'm definitely trying to support this movement. My skillset could definitely help.

will reach out soon!

Nice post i am @djnoel i do mixes of house music,deep house,afro house etc,Good luck over here ;)

Thank you for sharing this guide that teaches how to sing

Good post

Laughing, it sound nice... Just follow you up and upvote you. Please do the same to me likewise.

Nice Post, Let I resteem your Post at my follower's..

@sirlunchthehost nice delivery my brother. Killer bars and punch lines as well. Keep giving the universe such greatness.

@slickhustler007 this is me, not @sirlunchthehost lol but thank you

Fo show. Nicest bars with subliminal punch lines. I can tell you actually put thought into your music. That's rare these days. @rondonson

Interesting posts to see, Thank you for sharing steadily

Very cool .. Could be my artist if join this .. Hehe what else the song can be reques ... Steady times .. so want to try this ... really fun ..

Very exciting stuff, but that's pretty much a daily thing these days with ADSactly! Very happy to be such a big part of all of this going on! Thanks everyone, here's to the future of crypto and ADSactly!

Very Nice Opportunity for Music Artist. Sir Are you Want Indian Artist. Though I am not a Artist but I love music, and I want to promote Some music Artist fro India.
Thank you.

I want to invite you to a challenge my friend. it makes me happy if you like to find answer of my puzzle.


Great post, Thanks for sharing my friends, succes to you.

Excellent motivation for those who are lovers of music or have a good ability with an instrument or a good voice. I find it an excellent idea

Unique Music Videos.
Access to the Adsactly Beat Library.
Selling Beats for Crypto
Adsactly Records Rap Challenge brought to you by @rondonson and more.

Genres We Will Cover🎤
Thank you my
Amazing post you I love post you music

Thank you for your support brother!

Great post. Thanks for sharing the details in the post as well. Just followed and upvoted also. Request you to follow @naveen22

Really awesome post thanks !!

Thank you so much for you SBD @sirlunchthehost , God Bless 😊

this song is dope! i love that steemit is providing musicians with a new way to make money! music is so important to me in my life and musicians have had a rough go making money since technology robbed their record sales. Keep up the great posts and keep the tracks bumpin! i'll keep upvoting!

@voice-of-one thank you for taking the time to listen! its very appreciated

I needed this right now, it pulled me up on my feet for sure :)

This is amazing! Yet another incredible innovation on the blockchain. And beat is sick @rondonson! Go Adsactly Records! Voted & resteemed because this is awesome. ✌️

Sounds like an awesome project, Id like to be apart of the label, Im a producer and audio engineer!

Looking for a job
I write and produce
The song was nice tho keep up the good work

@sirlunchthehost I'm interested in contributing/networking. I like to use email to communicate. If you may, [email protected]
Nice work you & the team!

There's a lot of talent here, I'm glad you are building up the community :)
Those contests sounds pretty awesome. I'm cannot wait for the logo contest :D

Also, I am interested in the position of Secretary. May I contact you for more details? @sirlunchthehost

Reach out to me via discord or steemit.chat name sirlunchthehost

I have messaged you on discord :)

Spittin that fire! Keep it flowing....

HELL YEAH! This is fantastic! Great ideas EVERYWHERE. So keen to be involved :)

Daaang! I'm excited!

Nice post @sirlunchthehost just give you up vote and resteem

Nice Post!
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Man, all the way from s.a from one music creative to another...your approuch to this music thing using such channels is inspiring...not to mention that your sound takes me back to real hiphop...big ups my gee...much support from our end ey

It is not really my musical taste, but I respect the artist and his music.

Hi @sirlunchthehost
Great post ! best rap.

Nice Production.. Beat is ♨.. Keep it up #salute #bars

himm i like it and i guess i can play ..thank you

A lot of feel in the vocal delivery. Good rhyming. Of course, upvoted.

Keep doing great job.


Follow me, and follow you.

the contracts are only within steemit right?

Hey i would like to become an artist ! I am also on discord if that helps!

Wow I dont know how a came across your blog but your posts are crazy. It's like you are telling my story.

“Bed-Stuy Do or Die, BK Represent!”

got the track playing now!! feed me those bars. @rondonson you are blowing stuff up on the scene this is fantastic work guys... nods and bows to these sound masters and promoters. I gotta get a new rondonson on the hip hop rap volume 2 steemit compilation. lets get these sounds flying. huge ups

Up-Voted and Followed

Nice..following you for more post.

Great song. Love what you're doing!
I would love to help in any way possible.
Artist, mix, master, engineer, protools, writing, instrumentals, DJ, cover art, and tons more!!
Here's an older song of mine. Hope you enjoy.

Keep it Steemin!!

Good Song.

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