The Power of Changing Your Fear Into What Interests You

Have you experience something you think you can't do? We'll I do, I've experienced it not too long.


I myself was scared of heights that's why when hanging bridge challenged me then my toes already got jelly before I step foot on that thing. But my brother already paid my ticket so I had no choice but to cross that hanging bridge.


And you know what I did? I diverted my attention towards the thing whom catches my interest. Looking at the view of the whole place from above is really effective in diverting my attention specially like me who got a jelly-like ness from the very first step of walking that hanging bridge.


Haha I just recalled. Watching it (hanging bridge) really made me want to walk there excitedly that's why my brother got me ticket to cross the hanging bridge right away but things happen haha when I step foot with it all my excited thoughts flewn away and you know what's funny there? I backed out, too scared to continue that I made my uturn and decided to just walk through the ground to be able to still cross the other part of the place but ofcorse my brother didn't favor me for he already bought the ticket and that made me no choice but to really cross the bridge.


And there I experienced helding my breath because of nervousness, nest melting and I think I've never been scared to the core until that. But ofcorse I felt happy and proud to overcome that weakness of mine through the full view of the place that was breathtaking from above.

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