Visiting one of Hispaniola's littler Islands.

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Touching base at Catalina Island

The Island of La Hispaniola shared by Haiti and The Dominican Republic have numerous littler Islands close to their coasts. For this visit I was on the Dominican side witch has numerous Islands and Cays.

Here are 4 of the biggest.

Saona: - The biggest of all with around 50 families living on one side and opposite side utilized for sightseers and shoreline


Beata: - The farthest from terrain likewise making it harder for

drive, appalling because of its high and harsh territory generally sharp limestone's,

sink gaps and mangroves, despite the fact that the island was possessed with Tainos when found,

presently the Island is in some cases utilized by valiant fishermen the Dominican Army and untamed life.

Catalina: - One and a half miles from terrain and simply 9.6 km2 in size. Named Santa Catalina by Columbus.

Alto Velo: - Small and inhabitedat simply 1km2

Fun truth: USA once guaranteed the Island because of enthusiasm on making fuel out of (Guano) winged animal fecal matter from an expansive

populace of winged creatures living on the island.Source.

What's more, a lot increasingly littler islands and Cays.

The Catalina Island is the third biggest called Toeya by Tainos, named Santa Catalina by Christopher Columbus.

The Island Once a private shelter/play area for the Dictator's child at the time Ramfis Rafael Trujillo.

Because of a vast populace of mice Ramfis brought a lot of raccoons (not local to the islands) to "delete" the mice populace witch in a couple of years exploded backward in light of the fact that mice and raccoon's figured out how to share the island together.

Presently in the present years, the island is utilized by a little piece of the Army and for the most part, visitors brought by visit aides and yes! the raccoons still remain and individuals are advised to avoid them to stay away from ailments.


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