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RE: Epic 80-mile bike ride to Limerick's Nuclear Reactors

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This post, with over $50.00 in bidbot payouts, has received votes from the following:

postpromoter payout in the amount of $198 USD.
upme payout in the amount of $85 USD.
smartsteem payout in the amount of $74 USD.
promobot payout in the amount of $26 USD.
ebargains payout in the amount of $9 USD.

For a total calculated bidbot upvote value in the amount of $393 USD.

This information is being presented in the interest of transparency on our platform @dhimmel and is by no means a judgement of your work.


Thanks @transparencybot for the report. A small correction: the upvote by @ebargains was not paid, as was clarified in the discussion on their comment. I did purchase votes by four bots, paying the following amount to each one:

I will report back here after this post pays out and assess whether these advertising expenditures were worth the cost.

So the results are in. I paid 175.06 STEEM and 13.454 SBD to promote this post. In total, it paid out 171.930 SBD and 57.084 STEEM Power. To simplify things, we'll assume that one SBD is current worth one STEEM, which has been relatively true for the time period in question (TradingView chart). Hence I paid 189 and received 229. So I didn't loose money on the post.

Now my payout includes upvotes from several individuals that weren't paid bots. Many of these individuals follow me and likely would have upvoted regardless of whether I used bots. The audience I seemed to reach via bots generally seems to be less vested. However, I still think it was useful to gain more interaction and potentially develop connections with users that will grow their vests going forward.

Now I definitely went big with these bot purchases. I can't speak to the success of buying bots, but not enough to reach trending. With my investment, I did reach trending for my tags as well as the global trending.

Finally, if there's a tool to assign the reward each specific upvote contributed that would be helpful for further analysis.

CC @bycoleman @beeyou @peks.

Thanks for the constructive reply.

The bot does not look at the amounts paid or who paid them, just what bots upvoted your post and the calculated $USD amount. There are times when others pay for an upvote, yet it is still a bot upvote and will show in detail of @transparencybot's comments.

Sure, let me know how your ROI did. Generally it will be negative as far as the payment vs direct payout from the bot. For instance, your $100.00 Steem to postpromoter looks to have resulted in loss of at least $50.00 USD since 25% goes back to the curators (the bots).

Does the bot automatically update it's comment as more votes from paid-accounts come in? That's a nice feature.

Generally it will be negative as far as the payment vs direct payout from the bot.

Yeah, a cool project would be to track the equilibrium ROI from vote bots over time. I personally would be exciting to see a decrease in ROI where voting bots only return say 50% of the upfront cost. I think this would indicate that there is a thriving market to advertise on Steem. And a lot of money could enter the system for the purpose of advertising.

On the other hand, I'd like some frontends that ignore purchased votes when ranking trending posts. Similar to how I use adblock when browsing the web: creators should be free to advertise, but I should be free to filter out paid content.

For instance, your $100.00 Steem to postpromoter looks to have resulted in loss of at least $50.00 USD.

Yeah that would probably be at a level where I'd stop purchasing votes. One goal is to get my content out there, so I can have more organic upvotes and follower interaction in the future. Still experimenting on whether voting bots are an effective way to do it. One thing I like about Steem is that it's a never ending experiment, and those who experiment early can both profit and help expose issues in the protocol before they're too solidified to fix.

Excellent points! Only way to understand if one method is successful or not is to experiment and weigh all options. If not, then we don't buy the service anymore. It's not very different from real life. Businesses pay for marketing ads for a positive ROI, and if that path isn't working, then other avenues of generating revenue are analyzed.

I support full transparency too because that is how we learn and grow.

The bot does not look at the amounts paid or who paid them

All the bots I've used have you send the post URL as a memo. So potentially you could add this feature? Putting the amount paid and by whom in your comment would add much more transparency. And not only that, I think both bot purchasers and haters would appreciate it, as it helps provide important information for assessing ROI and who's promoting what.

Unfortunately, only about 25% of the bots report the purchase on the comment, yet again, the purpose of the bot is to show total upvotes not who paid for them. That could get VERY messy and is VERY susceptible to ghost account payments.

But you could pretty easily monitor incoming transactions to bots, and detect via the memo field which post was being promoted? This way your comments could mention, what the bot was paid for each upvote.

Not sure how much work this would be... so just an idea if you ever feel so inclined.

Do let us know if the investments were worth the cost. So many discussion on the topic matter!

Please do. because i will like to know how to budget on boosting my post