June ProgBlog #3: I have leeeeeeeeeeeegs!

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I was kind of referring to a scene in Ponyo but it's been so long I can't even remember if that's what she actually says, I have a feeling that it may have been "I want legs" and in true fyn style I am much too lazy busy to see if there's a clip on Youtube.

Anyway, I do have legs. Well, about 3.5 legs.

Made some pretty decent progress this week mostly because I've set two half-days of work (when I have to pick up 12yo from school so she gets to the early after school stuff on time) and also switched to hacking on AER stuff during the day and doing other work at night as I can usually steal some time during the day if we don't go out for whatever reason and we've been home quite a bit recently. I also paused working on Witchies for a couple of days while I try to "catch up" on AER stuff (I'm not quite sure what I'm trying to catch up as this thing doesn't have a deadline, I think I've been working on it for so long I just desperately want to be much, much further along than I am).

I've been told I'm going a bit nuts with the attention to detail especially as there are no particularly closeup shots of the tattoos themselves planned (there are a couple of scenes where attention is drawn to them but I'm not planning to be zooming in on them at any point).

It's a habit I've had the entire project and I'm not about to quit now x_x

Was hoping to start cameo sketchies this weekend but today I ended up starting an almost deep clean of the house (not mopping even though the floors need a wash as the weather is not very conducive to floors drying in a timely fashion) and will likely just keep working on scales. Maybe tomorrow if I'm not too tired from getting up earlier than I usually want (I am thoroughly not a morning person) because my daughter wants to cheer squad her friends who are badge testing.

And hopefully my brain has gotten back into gear to be able to hack on everything all at once again.

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I really enjoyed Ponyo and have watched it a handful of times. I screened it for young kids, back in 2010, when I was working a parttime job at several day care centers, making movies with kids and showing films for them.

Miyazaki rocks! Have you seen more of his films and, if so, what are your favorite ones? :>)

P.S. Thanks for yet another entertaining read and look into your life

Did the kids love making movies? XD

I've seen a few but not all of them (yet). I don't think I have a favourite. I've liked all of them quite a bit XD

Glad you enjoy my ramblings XD

I like many but have a bunch I like even more: Nausikaa, Princess Mononoke, Spirired Away and of course My Neighbor Totoro come to mind :>)

I guess they enjoyed it but it was very stressful for me haha! They were very young ( some of them too young to comprehend - 3 or 4 ) and I had to prep, shoot, edit and burn a bunch of dvds in a handful of hours. Suffice to say, I only managed to stay in that job for three months or so. Soon after I quit/ got fired at that job, late 2010, I became a full time filmmaker, so that's what it lead to :>)

I bet they had great fun but uh yeh trying to shoot films with toddlers would have been stressful 🤣 probably the kind of project you want to do with older kids 🤣

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I guess most of them had fun. That job taught me many lessons on what I wasn't cut out for ;>)

LoL ahh well limits are useful things to know (so you can work out if you're working around them or accepting them and doing something else XD)

Ooooh, I love the colors and the scale details!

Thanks 😄 hopefully it looks okay when it’s done 😵

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Half your luck, I have two 12 year olds.

If it helps I also have a 14yo and a 10yo? XD

The 12yo is the one with the most actve social life, is that what you have two of? XD The other two are a little bit quieter XD

The twins have quite a few friends but they're quite happy to have most of their social life online these days. My 10 year old is the one with most active social life, he's always got something going on. I can't even keep up with names of his friends because there are so many of them.

I know that feeling XD

My daughter often shows me photos on her phone labelling all of her friends (they occasionally do photoshoots or make Tiktok videos during breaks) and the only ones that have actually stuck are two of the boys who also do gymnastics so I see them at our gym regularly.

My youngest is going to be 21 in August. I'm freeeeee LOLOL