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RE: February ProgBlog #3: rinse repeat ad nauseum

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I still don't actually know what most of the buttons and menu items in both of my 3d apps (Blender and 3dCoat) do xD I think the hardest part is starting because there's SO MUCH and you're both trying to nut out the program as well as do the thing you want to do. After that it's fine as you can then just look up things you don't know as you encounter them.

Had to look up Magicavoxel as I'd never heard of it, looks like a great way to make Minecraft scenes for Minecraft movies XD and no reason to switch if it does what you want :D


I have used blender a few years ago, but its always been so different that I forgot most of it. Trying to re learn. Spending more time watching tutorials than creating. Compared to Magicavoxel its like a comparing a collider to lego. I use Magicavoxel to build things for Cryptovoxels. The nice part is, that you can create more complex structures in blender first and then adjust them to the minecraft look in Magicavoxel.
Peter Gric turned me on to 3dCoat a long time ago. I found it too complicated to want to spend the money... hard to believe, blender id free!!