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Q: Can you specify the restricted countries of Whitelist Registration?
A: China, the United States.

Q: Is there any age requirement?
A: All participants need to be at least 18 years old.

Q: Are Hong-kongese and taiwanese eligible to participate the TDE?
A: Yes, Hong Kong and Taiwan citizens can participate but we recommend all participants to check their local legal and regulatory restrictions before applying.

Q: No ico??
A: No sir... But a good TDE, more info Kicking off the AERGO Public TDE

Q: When token distribution?
A: More details on the TGE will be available later

Q: what is a trade ticker for tokens? AERGO ?
A: Will be shared soon

Q: How to get AERGO tokens?
A: In the campaign, 3,275 community members are to be rewarded between US$250 and US$2,000 in AERGO tokens. This program will distribute just over 50% of up to US$3,000,000 in tokens allocated to our public TDE. The remaining allocated tokens are being rewarded to geographic enablers across the world in a second program that runs in parallel

Q: Private Token Sale Summary?
A: We only had a Private sale for financial Institutions and strategic partners which is over now.


Q: With whom I can to talk about RewardDrop partnership ?
A: Send any proposals/offers to [email protected]

Q: Are there other official Telegram groups?
A: No, this is our only official Telegram group.

Q: Hello, admins! I send my questions about whitepaper translation to [email protected] yesterday but I don't have an answer to my email till now. When I will receive answer?
A: There are a lot of emails so it might take a while.

Q: what to do with bots?
A: We pay a system for avoid bots and fake users, not for have it! ... for bots it is easy, with fake users can be hard to handle cause we cant check instantly is genuine or not. However fake user are automatically kicked out if they have a ''seen long time ago'' status

Q: What should I do if AERGO admin pm to me and ask ETH?
A: AERGO team will NEVER Initiate payments through Telegram Channel/Private message. Protect yourself from scams‼️

Q: When exchange?
A: It will be announced at a later stage

Q: What can we expect in terms of partnerships for Aergo? Any further news?
A: The core team will announce any partnerships through an official statement. Follow us on our ANN channel @aergoannouncements to stay updated, thanks!

Q: when can we built dapp on aergo platform?
A: We intend to have our testnet out before the end of the year and beta versions out as early as October/November to support new dapp development

Q: Are there any meetups planned for Aergo? It would be great to meet the team in person.
A: No exact date or location finalized yet, but we will fly around the world for different meetups, conferences and so on. More details will be shared with the community soon, thanks!

Q: How can i secure my intellectual property during reward program? I mean, f.e. i'll make an article and post it on medium, another guy can copy paste it, will you determine timestamp of posting our contributions with your community vector analysis tool?
A: All Inputs will be reviewed and cross checked by our analyst team to ensure the tokens are distributed to only genuine value adding members :)

Q: This bounty is limited as I see, there will be lottery or something?
A: You need to submit links/references to 3 of your best content and community contributions. our analyst team will qualitatively score each contributor and assign a Tier to only the most impactful participants that truly understand what we’re attempting to achieve with AERGO.

Q: Will gas in Aergo be similar to Ethereum?
A: Yes, Users must pay a gas fee according to the amount of work which is necessary for the virtual machine to execute the contract in question. The gas parameters are intended to be calculated and tested on the Test-net (to be launched before EOY) .

Q:Where can I write a review of Aergo for airdrop besides Medium and Steemit?
A: You can use any Social media sites for the same

Q: How I can be an ambasador?
A: More details will be shared later, stay tuned

Q: Deadline of contribution?
A: Last date for submission is 10/7

Q: And how many peoples will be picked?
A: 3275 contributors

Q: What kind of documents will needed in kyc?
A: You will receive an email with more details if you're selected


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