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Blockchain technology has come to stay and its use has spread to different sector of the economy. It does not only help in storing information about transactions, it stores them in a decentralized way that helps secure data from easy manipulation.

The AERGO platform is one of the project put up by the AERGO limited company to enable users create or design their blockchain. AERGO platform is a public network that innovates business by linking the public network to private blockchain. The AERGO platform is a place where blockchain owners can come and develop their blockchain. They will be able to design their blockchain to their own taste and to suit their purpose. The AERGO platform also possesses an IT (information technology) platform that has advanced technology to enable users design and develop their blockchain. The network makes use of the blockchain technology that makes use of a cryptographic secure digital database of transactions that does not possess the point of failure of any kind and security issues of traditional databases. It actually makes this possible through the use of P2P (peer-to-peer) network of distributed computers, where the data is securely deployed and stored using advanced cryptography.
The AERGO network proposes to make security, transparency and trust a goal to enable users confident in them. This three things goes hand in hand. In order for users to gain trust in the network, the users have put in place all security system in place and made it working at optimal to ensure there is no issue of security breach. Also transactions within the network is transparent.
The aergo project intends to take solace and upgrade the blocko's existing coinstack platform which is a fully supported enterprise product that has been used by many of blocko's existing clients. With this idea, the aergo will be able to find it stand in the market. The goal of the platform is to provide a complete framework for developing, integrating, advancing and deploying dApps on secure and high performance cloud architecture that will help the platform functions at it maximum. With all this being done, the platform will be well equipped to make head start in the world economy. Blocko will also assist to cultivate a technology and supporting partner ecosystem. This will help the aergo platform to grow because blocko will be providing it with all the technology needed to make it come to limelight.


The team behind the aergo platform has made research about the blockchain network and how to utilize it to it maximum. With all this been done, the aergo platform can boast of having the best technological background support by havinga three key features serving as the core of the framework. Also blocko will be providing majority of the technology that will be used by aergo platform. Blocko will be providing the following:
Proven enterprise deployment models.
Coinstack as a key initial foundational element of the aergo protocol.
They will be helping out by providing the list of their customers both existing and future customers.
Blocko will also help in marketing the platform and directly support aergo based implementation.
They will partner with the platform to assist them in providing strategic technologies.
Blocko will also be providing infrastructure to help house the project and also enter a blockchain partnership with aergo platform.
They will help out with other supporting third-party ecosystem activities.

Since the aergo network was created to curb out challenges faced by many blockchain network, we are here to talk about how the challenges can impedes growth of the network and Also talk about how the team behind aergo is planning to phase them out. The following problems are:
Lack of reliability
IT integration difficulty
Software development difficulty
Privacy issues
Scalability problem
Interoperability constraints.

So many blockchain network has been plagued with the issue of reliability. They therefore lack users trust due to the issue of low transaction rate, slow authentication or validation process, incomplete transactions and also security breach. Blockchain network facing these challenges stands the chance of losing users due to all these challenges. Users are thereby advised to make use of the aergo platform which is committed to making all these challenges a thing of the past. Users are being assured of good security system, good transaction rate and quick authentication and validation.
Also the development and integration of information technology (IT) has plagued most blockchain network. They have the idea to make everything work but not an idea when its time to integrate the network. The team behind the aergo network is taking quality steps to make sure development and integration is possible within the network.
Software development simply means to always update all the software used in making the network run at maximum. Software development will always take place and this will cause no harm to users data. It will bring about the swiftness of the network to allow user get quality user experience.
Privacy issued will be tackled with the sole aim of securing users data from being tampered by a third party. Most network lack the ability to safeguard users data or information. The team will be partnering with other security providing company to make sure users data are exclusively protected. The security system will be topnotch so as to gain the trust of users.

The aergo network has made constructive and strategic partnership to enable users get quality user experience within the network platform. Not only has it made these partnership for quality user experience, it has made these partnership to enable they earn the trust of users and also to maximize the security system within the network platform. The network has partnered with renowned companies like CISCO, Samsung SDS and Hyundai so as to bring permissioned blockchain solution.
The aergo network was founded by a Korean company named Korean startup Blocko. The company is the leading blockchain developer across the globe. The company has placed their trust in the hands of other big investors who has seen the aergo network as a good project. High profile industries like FGB capital, GBIC and Lemniscap has invested into the growth of this project put up by Blocko. With all these constructive partnership put in place, the project is going to its peak and is going to contribute to the world's economy.

With all these assistance provided by blocko to help integrate this project, the aergo platform will be able to boast as the leading blockchain providing network.


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