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This post will describe about AERGO, the team, a few facts and comparison with other smart contract platforms.


  • What does the company/project do?

The AERGO project proposes a 4th generation blockchain protocol. The platform is designed to serve particularly enterprise use cases of blockchain technology and will be called AERGO Chain. The AERGO Chain should become a distributed, secure, scalable and public blockchain. AERGO sees itself as a future mainstream IT infrastructure on which thousands of applications will be build.

Blocko Inc., a blockchain and enterprise IT integration-services company, is responsible for much of the AERGO development and supporting the project. The company behind AERGO has four years of experience in the enterprise blockchain sphere and is contributing its core technology, Coinstack, to AERGO. Blockchain based software developed by Blocko is mostly used in Korea. Large credit card companies are using Blocko's Coinstack software and serving millions of users with it.

  • Team & Advisors

The AERGO board has three board members:

Phil Zamani is an AERGO board member and the COO of Blocko. He has previous experience with leveraging open source software (Linux) at a leading position for Redhat Inc. Now he wants to apply this knowledge to another open source sphere, which is blockchain technology.

Hun Young Park is an AERGO board member and the CTO of Blocko. He has more than ten years experience in large scale software development with expertise in relational databases and artificial intelligence.

Roderik van der Graaf is an AERGO board member and a managing partner at Lemniscap, a blockchain investment firm. He has several years of experience in private equity and venture capital.

There is already an extensive team in tech and business working on AERGO project, in the form of the numerous employees of Blocko.

Among the advisors of AERGO are Eddie Alleyn, Vincent Zhou, Djamel Souici, Julian Lenz, Joon-Hong Jake Kim, Sinhae Lee, Pierre F. Suhrcke and Riad Hartani. The advisors are mostly entrepreneurs or are working for venture capital companies.

  • Strength and Opportunities

Development of the AERGO platform doesn’t start from scratch. Instead a lot of the AERGO Chain is based on COINSTACK, that was developed by Blocko and is already tested with enterprise customers.

AERGO wants to allow developers to build upon its platform in widely used programming languages such as SQL, C++, Golang, JavaScript and Python. This is in contrast to Ethereum, the currently biggest smart contract platform, that requires developers to code in Solidity. However, AERGO is not alone with this approach, e.g. it is also possible to build on the smart contract platform Neo with C, Java, JavaScript and Python.

  • Weaknesses and Threats

AERGO is targeting particularly the enterprise blockchain space. It needs to be noted that the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance has already many big corporations as members, including Microsoft, BP and UBS. The alliance was founded in March 2017 and has today a significant advantage over other projects in terms of enterprise blockchain adoption. Besides the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance many other significant blockchain platforms, such as IOTA or VeChain, have formed meaningful alliances with enterprises.

  • Verdict

In the short run the solid team, a good concept that is already partially proved by Blocko and a broad net of advisors are indicators for a successful ICO. The experience of Blocko in the enterprise blockchain space will be very valuable at the beginning of the AERGO project. It needs to be seen whether this is enough to compete against established blockchain platforms such as Ethereum in the long run.


AERGO — thats a combination of VERY experienced TEAM with Phil ZAMANI as a head of company and “BLOCKO”.

Unique FACTS you MUST know about AERGO:

  1. AERGO — combines public- private- and side-chains in ONE environment and put whole cloud infrastructure around that. No one have done this before!
  2. AERGO has its own smart contracts drived on aergoSQL (specially upgraded SQL).
  3. NO FORKS! As an emphasis of AERGO — is a development of technologies, team is building such an open-sourced code, that allowds, for example to application developers, to modificate AERGOchain without hardforks.
  4. AERGO substructure — it’s a aergoTRIAD:
    I. AERGOchain (the public internet of blockchains)
    II. AERGOhub (advanced Github for AERGO. The ​public interface into the underlying AERGO Chain)
    III. AERGO Marketplace (a one stop shop for software applications, computing resources)
  5. NO ICO! AERGO does not need your money to build your future! Participate in building by joining our community NOW!
    P.S. and as being very “shy”company, they dont talk so loud as others, about 1.000.000 transactions per second

Comparison with other smart contract platforms

Infrastructure Aergo