First inflationary token Aerotoken

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Inventions never cease, inventions are always brought about by change or necessities. AEROTOKEN project is one which is born out of revolution aimed at changing the status quo, giving everyone an opportunity to enjoy the things they practically could not. AEROTOKEN is the first inflationary token deployed on the ethereum blockchain. This is an ERC-20 token. Which its value and price keep appreciating over time. Unlike traditional cryptocurrency who price depreciates with time, aerotoken successful mining makes the token value increase. This is the advantage of this token over other tokens in the market. Every token transaction has a deflation which reduces its cost over the blockchain when transferred. Aerotoken appreciates in value to ensure it keeps being deflation.

With major developments going on with the project, 2020 will see most of these actualized. The vision behind the project is to create more room for crypto users to enjoy the benefits of using cryptocurrency without incurring an exorbitant costs. Most persons don’t have money to invest in top coins, this invention is innovative and new, investment costs below 1 dollar, you can invest in AEROTOKEN at the early stage to enjoy the future benefits of the token.
The valuation of Aerotoken is made possible by the utility behind the token. This is an inflationary token price action that will see the price skyrocket.

Why aerotoken

Aerotoken deployed on the ethereum blockchain is deflationary, one can mine without incurring any extra cost. Enjoy additional value of 0.01% to every confirmed transaction on the blockchain.

Token Details

Token: ERC-20
Token nature: utility token
Token supply: 500,000 AET
Decimal: 18


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