The Biggest Aesthetic Trends of 2021

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Everyone is looking forward to 2021 being a much better year than the previous year. In 2020 Covid-19 put our lives on hold with governments around the world issuing stay-at-home orders and social distancing. This opened an opportunity for more and more people to work from home virtually.Aesthetic procedures in Dubai

The virtual work environment made individuals look at themselves more than ever. This led to an uptick in requests for surgical and nonsurgical enhancement techniques for the most noticeable physical features once the stay-at-home orders were lifted and businesses were allowed to open.

In 2021 similar aesthetic trends are expected to continue and we’ve put together the top treatments of 2021.
Blepharoplasty + Botox. With everyone in a mask, the eyes are having a moment and it’s their time to shine. Minor eye-optimizing surgeries such as blepharoplasty which provides permanent, natural-looking results can be combined with nonsurgical enhancements such as Botox and under-eye filler to brighten and lighten the area around the eyes.
Laser Skin Resurfacing. Laser resurfacing can help in eliminating and reducing the appearance of scarring, blemishes, wrinkles and, redness from the face. When done in conjunction with a proper skincare regimen, it results in improved skin texture and tone as well as clear facial skin.
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Aesthetic injectables. Dermal fillers are known to treat facial wrinkles and creating a more natural appearance also leaving you with fuller features such as cheeks, under eyes, etc. Fillers help you achieve smoother skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Minimally invasive (endoscopic) facelifts. Minimally invasive endoscopic facelifts also known as transaxillary facelifts are in demand because not everyone is ready for a full facelift and the minimal downtime adds to their popularity. The endoscopic technology makes it possible to lift the deep facial structures resulting in the face appearing smooth and not tight underneath the skin. The hidden incisions enabled by the endoscopic technology make it possible for male patients to wear short haircuts and females to wear their hair in ponytails.

Combination of treatments. Combining surgical and nonsurgical treatments can create more comprehensive facial rejuvenation. Neurotoxins, fillers, lasers, and radiofrequency devices have been used to improve the outcome of aesthetic surgical techniques. Fat transfer is also used in facial rejuvenation procedures to restore volume lost due to aging and it can also be used to complement body contouring surgery. It involves harvesting fat from the abdomen or thighs via liposuction and injects it into the treatment area.

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