Here are 7 key ways to make money online

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Here are 7 key ways to make money online
Today everyone has a smartphone and internet. Did you know that internet is not just for entertainment but you can also make money online through it? Here are some ways you can make money online from home. There are many ways to earn money but I have noticed that students usually engage in something that is not related to them and these tasks are completely wasting time. So I'm going to show you some of the best ways to make money online.
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Top 7 Ways to Make Money Online Make Money Online
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  1. Online Teaching / Coaching
  2. Freelancing / blogging / content writing
  3. Programming / coding
  4. YouTube
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Stock Trading / Virtual Trading / Stock Trading
  7. Online Survey / PTC Sites / Catch Solver / Seller- Reseller Group
    Online Teaching / Coaching - Make Money Online
    Corona and the Internet taught me to study at home as my own room!
    Today every school / coaching institute is earning only by teaching online. Even tuitions are available online. You can also earn money by selling your notes online.
    Programming / coding - Make Money Online
    You can make a good career in programming. If you are a Programmer and you know Apps Designing and Coding (Java, C ++), you can make money by creating Apps.

Know how long it takes to learn coding, how you can learn coding quickly and easily. Just think of something new, understand the needs of the logo and create a great app and publish it on Google Play or App Store. Your app can be Pay per Download or you can also earn money from Ad mob Ads. You can also create an EBook App for a smartphone and sell it on the App store.
Freelancing / blogging / Content Writing - Make Money Online
If you are a creative writer, you can also earn money from freelancing, blogging and content writing at home. What is freelancing, learn in detail about freelancing.
Freelancer: A self-employed, independent journalist / writer / artist who provides services to different organizations or individuals for a fee, not by joining a single organization / institution. For this you should be Expert in Web Designing, Graphics Designing or Creative Work, these skills.
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Some websites from where you can easily get the job of freelancing-
Fiver, Upwork, Freelancer, Toptal, Peopelhour
Blogging / Blogger
The most popular name in the digital world. Written information of one's thoughts, feelings and knowledge which is conveyed to the people through digital medium.

Any article read on the internet is a blog. A blogger is called a blogger.
Content Writing - Make Money Online
Today we have to search for anything so the first thought that comes to our mind is google. Have you ever wondered who writes the articles that come up when you search on Google or any other search engine? “ContentWriter ”, yes, he writes content writer. People look for content writers to get their work done through many sites like Facebook / internshala etc. Just write an article, and show them, if they like your work then you will get the job. In this you will get your payment according to ppw (word on money).
YouTube - Make Money Online
YouTube is the biggest platform where you can make money by creating your channel, uploading your video. The more popular your channel is, the more ads you will get, the more you will earn / the better the content of your video, the more people will like it.
For Advertisement in Videos you have to complete 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers on YouTube's rule channel / only then you will be able to enable monetization of your channel.
Affiliate Marketing - Make Money Online
Affiliate Marketing is also a good and popular way to make money. You can make money by selling any product. Shopping websites like Flipkart, Amazon all have Affiliate Marketing Program in which you can earn money by signing up, and selling their products through social media. All you have to do is register on any site then you will be given a link of that product. If someone buys a product from that link then you will get commission accordingly. You can also do this with the help of your website or blog.
Stock Trading / Virtual Trading / Stock Trading
Today stock trading has become as easy as online shopping. The convenience of buying and selling stocks through a virtual trading platform is known as online stock trading. Investors can do this from anywhere while sitting through their smart phones. All they need is a good internet connection, 3-in-1 account subscription, mobile banking app and money in bank account. Stock brokers and financial companies offer this facility.
Digital currency or crypto currency - even through this people have made a lot of money which is only virtually, which does not exist in reality.
Online Survey / PTC Sites / Captcha Solver / Seller- Reseller Group
Online Survey
Companies take feedback from people through online survey and give them money in return.
Google Opinion Rewards / Google User Research -: Google's Trusted Android App that pays to participate in online surveys.
PTC Sites - Make Money Online
PTC - Paid to Click. In this you will get money to see the advertisement. Neobux, ClixSense, Prizerebel, BuxP, PaidVerts etc. are some good and trusted PTC websites. You can withdraw the money earned through Paypal or Payza.
Captcha Solver
Captcha Code is used for verification. You can earn money from captcha code in English by typing a code in 10-15 seconds. Megatypers, 2 Captcha, Protypers, KolotiBablo, Captcha Typers etc. are some of the main websites for captcha solving.
Seller / Reseller group
You can also make money by selling products / buying and selling domains through Meesho app / selling good photos on Alamy, Shutterstock, Fotolia, iStockPhoto, Photobucket, Photomoolah.
Join the digital world, learn new skills and make money online from home.
Influencer / Blogger / Vlogger / Trader / YouTuber / Programmer / Coder / Web Developer / Traveler / Content Writer - Be whatever you want and make money at home.
Last word
Hope this article has helped you. There are a lot of viral things about making money on the internet. But here are some great options to invest in your skills.
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Very exhaustively discussed and communicated . Thanks fir sharing!

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