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How To Make Money From Facebook

Facebook is a free social networking site located on the Internet through which its members can keep in touch with their friends, family and acquaintances. Facebook has more than 2 billion users, more than the population of China (1.4 billion) and India (1.3 billion) and is available in about 37 different languages.
Friends, now you can stay connected with a friend on Facebook and also earn money from him, so if you also want to know how to make money from Facebook Pages & Groups, then read this article till the end.
Ways to make money from Facebook
There are many ways to make money from Facebook, but in this post we will talk about the 8 easiest ways. After reading this post, you can easily earn with the help of Facebook, so let's start learning.
Friends, in order to make money from Facebook, first of all, it is very important that you have a Facebook page or Facebook group
If you already have a Facebook page / group, please read on and start earning

  1. Facebook Instant Article
    Facebook Instant Article is the easiest and direct way to make money from Facebook. You can earn money by displaying direct ads like google adsense. The biggest feature of Facebook Instant Article is its loading speed, which makes it different from a simple webpage. It is mobile friendly and can only be read on mobile
    Whenever you put a new article on your blog, you can turn it into an instant article and share it on Facebook and when someone reads that article, it will look like a web page in between, which will earn you money.
    When your payment crosses $ 100 on Facebook Audience Network, you will be able to transfer this money to your bank account or paypal.
    Also read: If you want to start a Facebook Instant Article, you should follow this step by step guide.

  2. By uploading videos
    Another easy way to make money on Facebook is by uploading videos to Facebook. In this you have to upload videos on Facebook just like YouTube and with the help of Facebook's In Stream ads for on demand you can make money by putting ads in your videos like YouTube.

  3. By Live Stream
    To earn money from Live Stream you need to have 10000+ followers, after this you will be able to add ad in your live video with the help of In-stream ads for live option or if you have any previous live video also add ad You can earn tax, it is just like Facebook video, the only difference is that you come live and connect with people.
    You will get the money from Facebook Live stream from paypal and direct bank.

  4. By Brand Collab’s
    If you have 1000+ followers then on Facebook you can also earn paisa by collab's with Brand, in which you share things of that brand with your followers and get the product sold, then the brand will give you 25%. Pays a commission of up to 50%

  5. By Affiliate Marketing
    You review the products of any brand in it and share it with your followers and when you buy that product from the link provided by you, you get a commission for it. It is just like Brands Collab's but you can You can sell the product for which the number of your followers does not matter
    On the Internet you will find many sites in which you can apply for affiliate products

  6. Amazon Affiliate

  7. ClickBank

  8. Rakuten

  9. Munch Eye

  10. Sell your Services or Product
    You can make money on Facebook by selling your service or by selling eBooks.
    If you have any Services / products then you can create and sell its offer. You can take the help of Facebook page or Facebook group to promote the product.
    Like if you are a writer then you can create your eBook and get a lot of sales by promoting that eBook on Facebook.

  11. By Selling Facebook Page
    If you have a Facebook page that you do not want to run and it has good followers then you can make good money by selling it.
    There are a lot of website owners who look for a Facebook page that has more followers and they want to sell their Facebook page, then that website owner buys your Facebook page from you by paying a good amount of money, although according to the Facebook policy, the page sell Is illegal

  12. Make money from Facebook Group
    Facebook Groups is the best place to promote any product. Because it makes it easier to find the right audience for the targeted product.
    If you have a group and you want to make money from it then you have a great opportunity. Keep the rules of your group strict and stay active in your group continuously so that the interest of the people in the group remains.
    In your group you can give a paid offer to a website owner to share his post. You can also earn money by selling affiliate products.
    If you do not want to run that group then you can make money by selling it

If you have a passion to make money, a passion to do something, then you can join Facebook
They can earn a lot of money, just work hard in the right direction if needed.
Be patient, be consistent, you will soon find your destination

Thanks for reading this post, if you have any questions about the methods given in this post you can ask in the comment box below.
If you find this article helpful, share it so that your friends can also get some help.

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