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It was a rainy Orie and as such a resting day for all in Umueze. Nze Okoroji was one of such men who saw rainy days as an answered prayer to lazy bones. He looks out from his usual sitting position where he could see anyone who enters his compound and spoke to his son who is sitting close to him in few words.

"He who has been on a journey knows how far the road is. That my head sprawled gray hairs aren't as a result of my carelessness but the long duration of my feet on earth and how long I have lived to see different yields of yam at different harvests...Ekejiuba, one can only take a cow to the stream but can not force it to drink. My words are as clear as crystals I suppose, no need dancing over them the more. Do you wish?

"Papa, you've done well leading me thus far but I think am now man enough to take my decisions. I'm sorry not to take your side in this". Nze Okoroji was struck by those words.

" The man who has never submitted to anything will soon submit to the burial mat... .Follow your uncle to Igwe-Ocha, learn his trade and be useful to yourself".
"May our ancestors forbid that I leave my father's land and all that he labored for Igwe-Ocha. The same Igwe-Ocha whose constant oil drill has made our land almost infertile. Papa, am bewildered at your request".

"You say it, but you fail to see it, the same reason I say go to Igwe-Ocha is the same reason you want to stay. You may continue to till the soil all day and chase rats all night but never forget that a man who brings ant-infested faggots should not complain if he is visited by lizards. I have seen your strength and tolerated your weaknesses and I know, I know too well that the path which seems right to a man will only lead to destruction." Those were the last words of Nze Okoroji to his son. One would wonder why Okoroji of all men, a man who thrice has won the "jikwe-dimpka" title for harvesting not only the biggest but the highest tubers of yam over the years chose to send his only son to join his brother's children to learn a trade. But then something happened no one could tell, Nze okoroji never lived to see the next Orie.

It's been over a decade now and when his mood swings to that direction he never stopped wishing that his father had had a little faith in him. Ekejiuba's bitterness had an edge of relation to it. Reasons not far from his achievements these past years. Not only has he tripled his father's wealth, he has also expanded his father's compound to the envy of his foes who couldn't contend with his success but chose to sniff their long nose around.

Tears dripped down Uba's eyes as he recalled the last words of his father, not just because that was the last discussion they had but because he- his father- named him "Ekejiuba" but never saw the hand of his Chi in apportioning wealth to who He wishes.

True, the land they thought was almost infertile but with his last strength and determination,Uba resorted to tilling the soil till his harvest responded to the wills of his Chi... Akwa onye kwere, Chi ya ekwere...!

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