In the spirit of building and strengthen communities, the African Proverbs Interpretation Exercise/challenge was initiated by me. This Exercise/challenge is to support and encourage (new) steemians who may be in need of some love (Upvotes).

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From Denmark to the United Kingdom, from United States to Russia there exist brilliant proverbs originating from different continents. It would of great pleasure to witness how African proverbs are interpreted in other continents and vice versa!

African proverbs are the pride of African culture and are wise saying from people believed to be gifted with wisdom (the elderly) who pride themselves in the knowledge of these proverbs which are strongly tied to earth and animals conveying experiences of life in very subtle manner.

Review Today’s African Proverb entry (In the green box below) and interpret it based on your level of comprehension, either by writing a statement, sentence, short story or a similar non African proverb in the comment section of this post.

Your efforts will be rewarded with a humble upvote from me and other steemians who may take a liking to your response/interpretation.



  1. Upvote this post
  2. Review the ‘ African Proverbs entry’ for the day as shown in the green box above
  3. Begin your interpretation by ‘MY INTERPRETATION:’
  4. Make your interpretation known either with (a statement, sentence, similar non African proverb or short story) in the comment section below.
  5. Your interpretation should be written in English language
  6. Your interpretation should not contain any foul words
  7. Window for submission of valid response/interpretation is 23 hours after each post

African proverbs are not only rich and witty but also depict external wisdom philosophically speaking.
Participating in this Exercise/challenge will doubt afford you’re a deeper level of comprehension of African proverbs which can use in your daily conversion and in counseling a young lad.


Come on steemains lets make this fun!
Your precious support (resteem/upvote/fellow/delegation/donation/advice) is more than appreciated.

I love and support Steemit Education.

I give credit to Mother Africa for her philosophical tradition, tribes, ethnic groups, languages and great wisdom.


If you wish to earn more upvotes as you improve your English language by learning the VOCAB roots and many high English words checkout @majes.tytyty bolg.

This post wasn't copied from anywhere, the link mentioned is mine!

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