TOURISM- An Upcoming Industry in India

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The scope of tourism in Tripura is expanding day by day. Tripura offers the visitor an attractive nature set-up. There are many place the historical importance too. Neer-mahal is a grand place is an island in the centre of a big lake built by king Vibikram. Unkoti is an another tourist spot . It is pilgrims favourite place. Here the achitectural works on the mountain walls are simply fascinating to the visitors. The tripureswari temple is world famous. This artistic beauty of thise temple attract tourist all through the year. The temple of Fourteen gods in tripura is famous for its age-old-glory. The mountain range of tripura provided a wholesome relief to the visitor the famous place there offer magnificent sight . It is expecter that tripura will soon true into a most flourushing tourist centre.


Really, day by day Tripura is growing up from every side..