Free transit for a driverless future

in #agenda20303 years ago

Free transit? Well heck! Why would I spend money on a 'PERSONAL' vehicle when it's free to go where the city transit will take me.

Hey I wonder if they are proposing free transit elsewhere?

"When the service is free, chances are it's because you are the product" - unknown

"The cheese is always free in the mousetrap" - A friend of mine

Thanks for taking a gander. I wrote a big piece on the local 2030 agenda in my city.

Edmonton-Opolis: The Driverless Agenda/Agenda 2030 Unfolds In My City

#DriverlessAgenda #TransitioningToTransit #Agenda2030


This free ruse is a bait and switch and is how corporations are going to get rubes to give up the freedom of having a car they control. Driverless cars should be criminalized.

Yes! Couldn't agree more.

Screenshot-2018-3-23 Homeless Junkie Killed By Robot Uber Car Carrying Transgender Armed Robber.png

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