Liquid Indigenous Microorganisms aka limo

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Using the IMO 3


First, I would love to direct you to one of the main Korean Natural Farming teachers I learned from and one of his videos on this process called Liquid Indigenous Microorganisms aka LIMO.

LIMO Materials Needed:

  • 5+ gallon bucket
  • Air Pump (with correct airflow).
  • I used an aquarium air pump and another air pump I bought from I am used to using this type on 40-50 gallon brews over the years.

air pump from buildasoil

Aquarium air pump

  • 2- blue air stones

  • 1-5 gallon Paint Strainer or ≥ 400 micron mesh honey bag.

  • Imo3 solution without the IMO 2

  • Fermented Plant Juice (FPJ)- 7.5 mls per gallon

  • Brown Rice Vinegar (BRV)- 7.5 mls per gallon

  • Oriental Herbal Nutrient (1 year old)- 3.7 mls per gallon

  • Salt Water or Sea Salt- 5 oz or 0.2-0.3 oz

  • Humic Acid- 15mls per gallon leachate/ vermicompost sourced. 7.5 mls per gallon for store bought.

LIMO How To:

I added 40 gallons of water to a clean 50 gallon container.


I place the IMO 3 in a mesh sack 400u honey mesh bag.



I then placed the blue air stone from the aquarium pump into the mesh bag containing the IMO 3, so it doesn't go anaerobic, using a zip tie to secure the air hose to the bag. Then I placed the second stone in the bottom of the 50 gallon container.

I Added the LIMO Solution inputs and let brew.

  • Brew for 36 hours, it should smell sweet.
  • shorter time (24 hours) in hotter temperatures 80° F

Strain if necessary

LIMO Application Notes:

  • Apply at a rate of 20 gallons per acre* via sprayers
    or Apply at a rate 25 gallons per 0.25 acre (11000 sq ft) MAX.

  • The more you dilute, you can spread out farther, but your reducing the amount of applied microbes for a given area

  • For Trees use at full strength

  • For veggies and leafy greens dilute 50%

  • For foliar application dilute 50%

  • For sensitive plants such as orchids dilute 75%
    *Use to prevent pathogens

LIMO works almost as good as IMO

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