Liquid Indigenous Microorganisms. Using the IMO 4

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Using the IMO 4

Taking advantage of my completed IMO 4, I made another liquid IMO aka AACT (Actively Aerated Compost Tea).

First, I would love to share a video on this process from Chris Trump on the Liquid IMO process:

LIMO Materials Needed:

  • 5+ gallon bucket

  • Air Pump (with correct airflow). I used an aquarium air pump and another air pump I bought from I am used to using this type on 40-50 gallon brews over the years.

Air pump from buildasoil

Aquarium air pump

  • Two- blue air stones

  • One- 5 gallon Paint Strainer or ≥ 400 micron mesh honey bag.



IMO Liquid solution without the IMO 2

  • Fermented Plant Juice (FPJ)- 7.5 mls per gallon

  • Brown Rice Vinegar (BRV)- 7.5 mls per gallon

  • Oriental Herbal Nutrient (1 year old)- 3.7 mls per gallon

  • Salt Water or Sea Salt- 5 oz or 0.2-0.3 oz

  • Humic Acid- 15mls per gallon leachate/ vermicompost sourced. 7.5 mls per gallon for store bought.

LIMO How To:

  • I added 40 gallons of water to a clean 50 gallon container.


I placed the IMO 4 in a mesh sack 400u honey mesh bag.

I then placed the blue air stone from the aquarium pump into the mesh bag containing the IMO4, so it doesn't go anaerobic. Then I placed the second stone in the bottom of the 50 gallon container .

I Added the LIMO Solution inputs


The use of Unprocessed Sugar here, is to activate the microbes. Brew for 36 hours, it should smell sweet!

This batch took longer than the LIMO using the IMO 3, before I saw a microbial bloom/head to this tea. Around the 24 hour mark. This tea smelled like sweet sourdough.

Strain if necessary

LIMO Application Notes:

  • Apply at a rate of 20 gallons per acre* via sprayers or Apply at a rate 25 gallons per 0.25 acre (11000 sq ft) MAX.

  • The more you dilute, you can spread out farther, but your reducing the amount of applied microbes for a given area

  • For Trees use at full strength

  • For veggies and leafy greens dilute 50%

  • For foliar application dilute 50%

  • For sensitive plants such as orchids dilute 75%

  • Use to prevent pathogens

  • LIMO works almost as good as IMO

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