Weekly AI Round-Up, 2017-07-10

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Here are the best five artificial intelligence articles that I've seen in the past week:

Our Sexual Future With Robots (Foundation for Responsible Robotics)

An excellent overview of the current state-of-the-art sex robots and sex tech, as well as the ethical and societal implications of the technology like robots as sex workers, the effect of technology on sexual intimacy and relationships and, of course, the effect on sex crimes and other societal impacts.  Lots of fun statistics in the section "Would people have sex with a robot".  The Foundation for Responsible Robotics is yet another robot control organization created by Noel Sharkey but this report is far less blatantly negative than is his norm.

40.3% of 229 heterosexual males surveyed indicated that they could imagine buying a sex robot within the next five years based upon pictures of the current technology

Machine Ethics and Artificial Moral Agents: How to design machines with ethically-significant behaviors (Francesco Corea, Medium)

An excellent overview of the core issues (data & biases, accountability & trust, AI usage & the control problem, AI safety & catastrophic risks).  As the author writes "This article does not want to be a guide for ethics for AI or setting the guidelines for building ethical technologies. It is simply a stream of consciousness on questions and problems I have been thinking and asking myself, and hopefully, it will stimulate some discussion."

His conclusion is awesome -- starting with "absurd as it might seem, I believe ethics is a technical problem. Writing  this post, I realized how much little I know and even understand about  those topics. It is incredibly hard to have a clear view and approach on  ethics in general, let’s not even think about the intersection of AI  and technology. I didn’t even touch upon other questions that should keep AI experts up at night (e.g., unemployment, security, inequality, universal basic income, robot rights, social implications, etc.)" . . . .

Fake news: you ain’t seen nothing yet (The Economist)

Describes how the new technology of Generative Adverserial Networks (GANs) have opened the Pandora's Box of forgery.

How AI detectives are cracking open the black box of deep learning (Paul Voosen, Science)

The fact that most machine learning algorithms are analysis-resistant "black-boxes" is cause for great concern.  This article and video explains deep learning networks and how we are finally discovering effective methods of performing at least some analysis on them.

How Nature Solves Problems Through Computation (Joshua Sokol, Quanta Magazine)

Although the article never mentions AI explicitly (other than a machine learning toss-away comment that actually clearly indicates how much AI *is* being used) -- problem-solving, adaptive systems and, perhaps most importantly, collective computation are what ethical strong AI is necessarily going to be all about.  There are also all sorts of cool facts in here.  Particularly important issues include . . . . 

"how nature solves problems and where  patterns come from, and why everything seems so organized despite so  many potential conflicts of interest."


"how complex systems stay robust in the face of shocks, like the macaques with their own police force that acts as social glue."

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Love hearing news on AI. Keep it going.

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