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This is a platform built with a unique blockchain system to enable easy access of data and increased speed. The project will be providing several solutions to the challenges currently damaging the global market through the utilization of a dataset. MindSync will connect the gaps between experts and hackers artificial intelligence, scientists data, the developer learning machine, the data and suppliers of the computing.


MindSync Ecosystem.
The platform brings about solutions to real world problems with the computational usage of AI, DS, ML community. To utilize this solution whenever a client or users provides a solution in any AI field which is from the community users such request undergoes the testing process before it's been integrated into the ecosystem which can also be integrated into existing business models. With this new investors or users will be confident enough to make request from community experts for a new AI solution or request a ready made one which will be derived for the MindSync Repository.

There's a set of the dataset within the ecosystem that connects in private and public. With this jnformation will be accessible to the rest of the community whether it is an individual or a group of people. Also this dataset can be provided in the form of archived as well as imaged as a set of images or CSV file.

The main aim of MindSync AI is to provide solutions. Using the final source code that represents learning procedure as well as final decision. All solutions are brought to book once an experts have gone through the problem and availing their solution within the community.


To be a verified member of the platform it is required for such person to register on the website using their legal details, during the course of registration users will be given an option to either choose which role they want to play on the platform which includes:

  • Supplier Role: Quality solutions will be provided to problems due to the open source provided to its members to place tasks in the form of competitions.

  • Expert Role: Experts on the platform analyzes problems within a community and provides a solution for the problems.

  • Customer Role: members of the platform will be given track-records as well as a verified rating for evaluation within the community.

  • Developer Role.

With this it will be easier for such user to navigate through their specific role on the website, because each role has it's own designated route and functionality.


MindSync Ai Team.

The developers behind this project are cryptomaniacs and entrepreneurial go-getters who specializes in using Artificial Intelligence in developing mankind and growth of enterprises. MindSyncAi will also be of societal value to its community members and investors through it partnerships with huge mining ventures and huge super computing mechanisms. The engineers integrated a unique attribute that mainly contribute to the growth of businesses using advanced Artificial Intelligence which is "AI as a service platform (AIaaS)" also called "Expert as a service platform (ExaaS) ".



Token Name :Mindsync Coin
Token Ticker: Mai.
Total possible tokens:1,000,000,000
Total tokens distributed to public:500,000,000
Purchase methods:ETH, BTC, LTC

More Information about the Project Can be found here.

Author 🆔: Moshaid.

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