Air Filter Cleaner

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Alignment over here and these pinch bolts on the axle on this side might have that kind of bound up so what you can do is loosen the pinch bolts on this side get the bike up get weight up off the bike on a stand loosen these pinch bolts and make sure that this side over here can free float on that acts a little bit and get it install properly you can loosen these up and then and then take the bike and just put take it off the stand and push it forward you know a few feet and then cramp down on the brake that will probably free this up and then you can tighten you can tighten these down to make sure it's not bound up because you do not want these Forks to be low - either too compressed in or too far out you want that to be in perfect alignment so check that lets check the position of the bars on some bikes you'll have multiple holes here in the triple clamps so you can move the bars either there forward or back you know closer to you or further away if you're a taller rider like me you usually want to move that further away from yourself if you're shorter you can sometimes move it back so on this particular air filter cleaneryou can just take your take these top bolts off and then there's a Torx bolt down here where you can just kind of flip the mount around and that will move the move the bars a little bit forward so check to see if your bars or move forward or back and adjust them accordingly for your riding style and then also the rotation of the bar so you'll loosen these pinch bolts here and you can rotate the bars forward or back for your liking I like the bars to be in a neutral position as far as forward and back but I like to move them forward you may be different based on your riding style but that's what I want to do and you want to check that.

This bike has a steering stop bolt this bolt is in there so you can adjust that in or out I remove those if you're gonna do hard enduro type stuff you might want a little bit you want might want your handlebars to turn a little bit more so I've been taking these bolts out some of you might not have this option but if you do have the option I'm taking these bolts out and some guys are like well that's meant to keep you from swapping out if you're if your bar is already if your handlebar is already over to the stop with the boat in you're going down anyway regardless of whether you have these in so I take those out so I can turn my handlebars a little bit more helps me on switchbacks and some of those tighter areas I know what you're thinking guys you're thinking that's a lot well those are just the things that I do to set up the bikes that don't cost any money here are some of the things that you may want to look into that are going to have some cost first and foremost a skid plate your bike might have come with the skid plate but if it didn't go out there and purchase one because you should not do any of this type of riding without a skid plate if you're just a motocross racer maybe you can get away with it but if you're riding off-road got to have a skid plate on the bike another thing that I do to all my bikes at least almost all my bikes is I put tubeless on them because I'm such a huge proponent of tubeless but if you if you're not a tubeless guy maybe you're gonna need to go put moose bibs in the bike or maybe you're gonna put heavy-duty tubes in there so you don't easily get flats not something to think about I don't love the tires that mote that come on these bikes most of the time like the eight Dunlop 88 e ones.