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At BookingTeam.com, we specialize in helping property owners manage and share their listings with popular rental sites to get the highest booking conversion rates. From our experience, results are usually very random, some sites might pick up very well on a certain rental but not work at all on another rental. There usually is no way to know which listing will do well on which site. Below are some of the sites that are great for listing vacation rentals. By being on all of the sites you greatly increase your chances of optimal results for your listings.

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The site has over one million properties and claims that every week 6.3 million room nights are booked. When you use Booking.com, you pay based on commission, so you only pay a percentage of each booking that is processed. In certain circumstances, such as a no-show, the site won’t hold you accountable for the fee. Our system reconciles the invoice for you automatically so you won't pay too much.

HomeAway is part of a larger network of rental sites with global reach. When you list your property on HomeAway, you get access to the rest of that network too, which includes VRBO and VacationRentals.com and a handful of other strong sites too. Listing costs are based on one annual subscription fee. Our integration with the site also features instant booking and is mobile-friendly, which makes the booking process simple and painless for guests.

The platform lists properties from over 150 countries, but if you have a vacation property in Europe, Wimdu is a must list rental site. Listing is free, although there is a commission fee for each booking. One of the best perks is that you can also use it to rent out a space in your home and share it through being a host. Plus, the site even offers professional photography services for hosts that list with them.

TripAdvisor and FlipKey
As part of the TripAdvisor family, FlipKey has impressive features and advantages. For one, TripAdvisor has a long history of being a trusted booking site. Tripadvisor recently took in about a dozen of excellent booking sites, such as Housetrip and Holidaylettings.co.uk. Guests come to the main TripAdvisor site to read reviews and research places to stay. Naturally, the next step is to book, which they can do easily from the TripAdvisor sites. It’s also free to list a property. For each guest payment, 3% is deducted as payment handling fee, the guest also pays a commission on their end which is automatically added on top of your pricing.

The rental site 9Flats may not be the most well-known, but it has its charms. One of those is that it provides insurance for hosts for up to 500,000 Euros in damages to rented properties. In addition, it is geared to providing authentic, local experiences for guests. Listing is again free, but comes with a 15% minimum commission fee per booking.

There are many more booking sites, Booking Team also manages your property on Wimdu, Agoda, and AirBnB, each of these rental sites have something unique to offer guests, property managers, and owners, and each comes with its own algorithm. It is hard to know beforehand which one will really take off for your listing. Creating and posting your vacation properties on each individual site is incredibly painstaking, tedious and time-consuming.

Instead, use BookingTeam.com. Our software makes it possible to share your listings with hundreds of popular rental sites in a matter of minutes. Once a listing is shared, our team can manage your bookings, calendar, guest communication and much more with you from our easy-to-use dashboard.


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Good info. I've mentioned your site at my last REIA meeting and coffee meetup as it seems the vacational rental folks only know homeaway and airBnB.

Being I provide "how to buy a rental property" education to people I have no problems promoting you guys for the renting out piece. I'm proud to say my rental property book was just published!

Do you have any success with your rental properties thus far?

Yes. I have been fortunate to be profitable on all my rentals each year.

I also made sure to "buy right" as I call it. Which starts by running the financials through this basic property calculator I created in microsoft excel.

If the cash on cash return is not acceptable after factoring costs (mtg. maintenance, vacancy, etc.) than I wont even look at it. The calculator is out on the web for anyone to grab, you can grab it at ScaredyCatGuide if you want it.

So I'm curious how you actually evaluate cost for vacancy, maintenance, etc. I've been investing in real estate for about 6 months and it's so hard to predict when your tenants going to leave etc.

Agreed that most people only know about the larger/advertised travel sites. As a travel nurse, I have mainly used Airbnb site. It wasn't until recently I discovered other sites. It can sometimes be difficult to find furnished housing for longer than a week and at least 13 weeks.

I am hearing of a new site coming soon, NO Commissions to owners and NO Fees to guests. 100% free to everyone. Only Facebook users will be able to join and use. The future of the Vacation Rental Industry is FREE just like so many others businesses. Why should Vacation Rentals be any different?.

I'm part of a company called Rentivo - we build software to help owners & managers take direct bookings.

I strongly agree with your comment. Companies like Airbnb & HomeAway are taking huge fees from both owners & guests and it should be free. I'm very excited for a couple of projects we have in the works :).


You need to try the HotelTonight app... some people are scared about not booking hotels ahead of time but you can trust that they always have available hotels and they're top notch quality for unbeatable prices.

In NYC for instance you can always get a room that is around 300-400 USD per night for 100 USD if you booked the same day. I have friends who have done entire euro trips with it as well.

That's right, in fact NYC is one of the most pricy cities to stay in a hotel. You should opt for an apartment next time, with fairer prices, and much more space and amenities.

I would love to book an apartment for a month if this is even possible.

For my travel purpose, I always used booking.com. I feel its much easier to book through this site. But its always good to have other options as mentioned in this post. Will look more into it. Thanks

But, don't you need chance to find good deals in the last night. You may end up with high prices at peak times.

Booking.com seems like a good way to stay in hotel; however, they are also doing short term rental for apartments just like Airbnb. There's no reason why you shouldn't use Airbnb if you cannot find comparable apartments on Booking.com.

Landlords are afraid of not getting paid. Renters are afraid of getting scammed. I guess there should be a better technology to bridge the gap. Perhaps, a smart contract on Ethereum can produced? What do you guys think?

For sure. Those are very interesting implementations. Swarm.city is working on such an escrow type of service, but without middleman.

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You didn't list AirBnB as an option.
Not that I use it. Just curious as why it wasn't listed.

Hi Deanlogic, AirBnB is one of the most known ones and is also very powerful. We wanted to write more about the other less familiar ones, but did mention airbnb in the last part.

Ah.. missed that last blurb. My bad. Thanks.

I guess AirBnB is the most popular site nowadays.

Hi, I have same units listed on airbnb, booking and agoda. Will bookingteam.com help me on my double bookings by syncing all these calendars?

Here's my listing :

Yes, we certainly can help you with that. Have a look at our website and click on getting started. You have some very nice units by the way, and excellent reviews, congratulations!

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Thanks for the post! very useful and informative!

Sounds like a perfect alternative to get the most out of your properties. Thanks for sharing!

Just took a quick tour in the website (bookingteam.com) and it is easy to use, very responsive and esthetically pleasing.

Home page:

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Ideally we should have a rental agency just for Steemians where you can pay with upvote: maybe SteemBook or SteemOut:)

Very usefull advice, I will definitly take a look at this post again when i need to order my vacation.

2K USD for an ad, woaw !

Or the good old fashion way....Pitch a tent

It's good to see websites that are so much better than just craigslist or something simple like that. Still a lot to choose from though, I'll have to narrow down the selections and do some more research. Good post though, bud!

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Booking.com for sure.

The best site is no site on vacation!

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I mostly let my cousin crash at my place when i travel but now i will start charging that burger a pretty dollar! My couch looks like it's seen life as a waiting bench at DMV i practically have to change stuff i have never used in that house! Lesson learned the hard way!

You are posting some really good content in here! Thank you very much, I even learn new things from the comments section! I already wrote down what @verydicey said for HotelTonight app!

Now something not exactly relevant to this, as someone with interest in marketing I would be super pump for an article about your marketing strategy on steemit(or even generally). You are doing fantastic job and I would like to get your view on this as a company.

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What about AirBnB? Got a friend working with them...

Thanks for posting and spreading awareness about world class rental rooms you have
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I trust on Booking.com only, awesome deals

Good to see you're on Steemit too! Thanks to you I booked a fantastic hotel in Maputo, Mozambique! Anyway, I think that next time you should also list rental sites by country, as some of them are limited to a specific market

AirBnB is NOT good value for money in many areas!!

This looks like a really good website! A good tool for property owners!

Great post if i may only suggest, try balkans in the summer beasts for partying and awesome beaches.

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I was about to mention Airbnb, but I noticed you addressed it in the comment section. I was hesitant to use them vs. renting a hotel room, but you get so much more when you go through an individual vs. a hotel. I'll have to check out the other companies you mentioned.

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@bookingteam.com Such nice serendipity. Perfect timing because I'm​ about to take my first trip across the country.

If you want a holiday to my country that is indonesia, then please register at https://www.traveloka.com/en/

Thanks for the info! We are in the process of building a micro-house on our farm and will need to know where to list!

@bookingteam.com good to know there is an official booking .com on here.

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You need be using Airbnb. The model that Airbnb uses is the same as Uber and Amazon and many others... the model is brilliant and is taking over quickly. I personally like how affordable Airbnb is, how profits go to average consumers, not shareholders, and the easiness of being able to book a place same-day, whenever, wherever.

I used to use Booking.com, I think their site is most user friendly and the price is fairly acceptable, promotions have been launched sometimes which always gives me a good deal.

i'm a traveler and i love this content.

Very important post. I will take a look of your software for my next trip. Thankyou. @bookingteam.com

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A customer of mine has 2 homes in France he rented through girtes.nl and homelidays.com, heij paid + - 300, - per year to the websites, I read on your website that the bookingteam.com service is 124, - per month ? Or can this customer do it with the free listing, the idea seems good, if I have a week of time, I will create a free account and see the possibilities thanks in advance and success

Thank you for letting me know. At least now, I have other options other than booking.com website.

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Thank you for your post! I have a home listed on Airbnb and Homeaway, but am always looking for new markets.

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Amazing idea. It will be nice if you can also aggregate listings for those look to book similar to kayak.

I looked at your NYC listings and there are only 21
I am guessing you show only those that use your service for listing. It is not useful for me unless you can aggregate full inventory or give me a cashback for using your service.

Also please show rate on listing page. I have to click listings to access them

One last suggestion, please make it free for first year, that is the best way for people to make sure they love your facility and get the crowds on to your platform.

Thanks for the info:)

In india you need to try Make My Trip. They have crazy offers on hotel availability. You can also try OYO rooms.

Great read. Thanks

Wait you post this in Airbnb and your blog never has highlights Airbnb as a place to list? What's going on here? Airbnb is literally the biggest, by BILLIONS of dollars, site you can list a short term rental on. If you have a rental you really must list on Airbnb!

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Wow, this is actually so useful! Thank you!

I was just talking with a buddy about booking sites, scary stuff. Guess I'll just link him this blog. :)

Try VRBO.com which means Vacation Rental by Owner ;)

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BookingTeam.com it is!

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I like www.orbitz.com they have a really good point system that is dollar for dollar so you can take off the price for plane tickets or even hotels so enjoy!

Please checkout this post about how technology changed our world https://steemit.com/technology/@takeaway/how-technology-change-our-world

These are a lot of great sites! Thanks for sharing and making my search easier!

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