Nether.Network Airdrop 25$ token

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Airdrop scoop $ 25 Nether.Network token, get it right away


Nether Network is a platform currency that represents value and wealth in a decentralized economy, used to exchange value between Nether Network companies, employees, customers, and entities other third parties.
Instructions for receiving Nether.Network (NN) airdrop:

Step 1. Access the following link to start filling out the form with the information obtained from the steps below:

Step 2. Join group and Telegram channel of Nether.Network.

Step 3. Follow NN's Twitter here. Like at least 3 of these latest Twitter posts.

Step 4. Retweet on NN's Twitter post at this link:
tag 3 friends

Step 5. Go back and fill out the relevant information and your BEP20 wallet in the form in Step 1.

Step 6. Submit and wait until October 24, 2020 to see the results 😀 If the form is valid you will receive 0.5 NN (~ $ 25), you can earn 0.2NN for each ref (refer friends to join). family).

Currently, you can trade NN on Pancakeswap at the link:

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