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Airdrop #IOST

Extraordinary high credit 🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇

For every ref you will get 100 IOST
withdraw limit : 1000 Token
You can exchange it in

Social networks :
Telegram, Twitter, Reddit , Github (two of them should be)

Go to the the site and sign up
2 questions, answer both of them all of the above.
You must correct the answers

After the account area, link the virtual networks. To activate the referral link.

Everyday go to the quests part and get rewards
After seven days give you some tokens
✅ This coin is ranked 57th in the market and is extremely upbeat

If you get referrals up to 29 July, you will receive 50 thousand tokens equal to $ 1,500.
#IOST 👇👇👇👇