Bitcoin Origin Airdrop - Simultaneois Penta-Fork PoW crypto

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"Bitcoin Origin aims to create the world's first, simultaneous penta-fork of the top proof-of-work (PoW) cryptocurrencies.

Holders of each of the forked coins will be awarded Bitcoin Origin in proportion to the United States Dollar (USD) value of their original holdings of the 5-forked coins."

What's special about this token?


Heard of side-chains? In Origin, side-chains are inherently part of the infrastructure to allow for scaling considerations.


Bitcoin Origin has developed an Ethereum token bridge, allowing Ethereum tokens to be converted to native tokens in the multi state engine.

Serverless Blockchain

Through the Bitcoin Origin network and it’s technology, any member of the public has the ability to introduce their own entirely serverless blockchain. The blockchain is powered by Bitcoin Origin's Network Validators (Ambassadors).


We wanted our users to be able to use their own native token for fees and block rewards. Each state has its own namespace, its own VM, and its own ecosystem, supported the the Bitcoin Origin network.


The Bitcoin Origin community staking ORI tokens will be able to Vote. The Ambassadors are required to campaign for votes and in turn rewarded generously for their campaigning efforts.

Check for yourself on their website:

You can join their airdrop for a 140 ORI using my refferal link for this telegram bot that will guide you trough the airdrop steps:

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