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Pivot, invested by Binance Labs and Huobi, is used by millions of crypto investors.

Global Carnival For Pivoter

In Oct.24th, the global leading crptocurrency community Pivot announces to officially launch the Project X to list on exchange and active the domain name of the international version of Pivot:

In Augest, Pivot launches the project to promote oversea market and becomes popular all over the world. Up to the end of October, the number of pivoters has broken through 2.5 million, all over 218 countries and regions.

To celebrate this historical moment, Pivot will hold a global carnival for 15 days. 150,000,000 PVT and 500,000 USD will be airdroped as bonus !

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1.Daily PVT Bonus

The seventh phase is coming ! Daily PVT Bonus : Read, Share, Invite to Win 75,000,000 PVT.

The friend you invite and the reader of your post must log in the mobile app, otherwise you won't receive the POWER. We organize The seventh phase “Daily PVT Bonus” campaign for 15 days to encourage users to promote the Pivot community, and the bonus is 5,000,000 PVT per day.

Schedule: Oct.24th - Nov.7th

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2.Pivot Market Predication

Pivot Market Prediction is a blockchain investor's educational game based on predicting the direction of the cryptocurrency markets. The pivoters can make real profits and express their views on the trend of the cryptocurrency market in this game.

A completely fair and transparent way to earn BTC prize. Listings and quotations are taken directly from Binance real-time. We go by the last price rates that we receive directly from Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange over the world. There is no loser here, everyone will be winner. You can easily get POWER and BTC.

75,000,000 PVT will be released by making predictions in [High Profit] playland within 15 days. You will receive 500 POWER / 100 PVTP voted, no matter your prediction is correct or not, and if you predict correctly, you will also receive real PVTP tokens.

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[For Free] This field runs in risk-free mode, meaning that you can make prediction for free (Once a day) and if you predict correctly (includes 3 parts), you will receive real PVTP tokens after the voting closes on a particular prediction. PVTP can be exchanged to BTC immediately, which are withdrawable to your personal cryptocurrency wallet. (1 BTC ⇄ 10,000,000 PVTP,Exchange).

[High Profit] "HIGH PROFIT" predictions are special predictions that offer the chance to win large amount of PVTP and often other tokens as well. When you see the ‘’HIGH PROFIT’’ banner, it means that if you make prediction, you will receive 500 POWER / 100 PVTP voted, whatever predict correctly or not, and if you predict correctly, you will also receive real PVTP tokens. PVTP can be exchanged to BTC immediately, which are withdrawable to your personal cryptocurrency wallet. (1 BTC ⇄ 10,000,000 PVTP, Exchange).

[Leaderboard] The leaderboard ranks players based on the number of PVTP tokens they receive in the predictions. The top player will win a substantial following and lots of extra PVT bonus here. You will receive profit for every correct prediction, and PVT tokens if you place on the leaderboard after the monthly tournament is over.

Top 10 players will be awarded the title “King of PIVOT Prediction” & 10,000 PVT bonus.

Top 30 players will be awarded the title “Knight of PIVOT Prediction” & 3,000 PVT bonus.

Top 100 players will be awarded the title “Warrior of PIVOT Prediction” & 1,000 PVT bonus.

Tournament Starts : Oct. 24th, Ends :Nov. 24th.

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3. 500,000 USD For Airdrop

To celebrate that the number of Pivot global users has reached more than 2.5 million and the Project X of Pivot to list on exchange, more than 10 kinds of coins will be airdroped in Pivot!

5,000,000 TRX from Oct.24th to Oct.26th (Expired)

500,000 TLG from Oct.25th to Oct.26th (Expired)

5,000,000 FLC from Oct.26th to Oct.27th (Expired)

200,000 KEX from Oct.27th to Oct.28th (Expired)

Millions of USD for Airdrop (Expired)

300,000 IMVR for airdrop (Expired)

1,000,000 Rating and 100,000 USDT for airdrop (Expired)

Share the post to win 500,000 MVL ** (Ongoing)**

More than 10 airdrops are coming soon!

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4.Bounty Task Campaign

4.1 Share the post to win PVT (5,000,000PVT)

To encourage pivoters to promote this campaign, share this post and invite new pivoters between Oct.24th to Nov.7th to receive extra bonus. The extra bonus will be distributed every three days. 50 PVT for sharing, maximum 250 PVT for everyone.

Schedule: Oct.24th - Nov.7th

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4.2 Essay competitions campaign (1,000,000 PVT)

Schedule: Oct.30th - Nov.7th

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Now Let's learn What is Pivot and some Basics:

What is POWER?What is PVT ?

POWER is the certificate of “Daily BTC Bonus”, which decides how much BTC Bonus you can get everyday. You can get POWER by reading, sharing posts and invite your friends. For example, if 10000 POWER is distributed to all users in one day, and user A gets 100 POWER, then he/she will receive 1% of the BTC in the bonus pool of this day.

PVT is the token of Pivot community. The total amount of PVT is 31.4 billion. PVT has noting to do with POWER.

How to get POWER ?

  • Invite a friend.

    For inviting one friend to download/register/log in Pivot, You will be rewarded with 10000 POWER;

  • Read a post.

    For every post that you read in Pivot app, you will be rewarded with 100 POWER. The maximum reward is 2000 POWER per day;

  • Invite bonus.

    We'll give you 10% POWER of the friends that you refer.

Pivot is a community from China for cryptocurrency investors. Its Chinese version is well operated. We provide cryptocurrency markets, prices and charts in real time of more than 1400 cryptocurrencies and the freshest blockchain news.We aim to help investors communicate more efficiently with each other and with startups in blockchain industry. Pivot has received investment finance from Binance and other famous cryptocurrency funds. Up to now, nearly one hundred startups and hundreds of business leaders in blockchain industry have opened official accounts in Pivot. And more than 100k investors is using Pivot to guide their investments.

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