Earn Up to $160 Worth of Byteball by Simply Linking Your Steem Account.

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I just earned some quick money by linking my steem account to a byteball wallet I just created. Byteball is looking for mass adoption and has decided to drop free tokens to steem users who link their steem accounts to their byteball wallet.  

Register for byteball using your steem account and earn 10 – 160$ depending on your steem Reputation. I am happy to tell you that you can earn some quick bucks by joining byteballs airdrop to steem users. 

Rewards for Steem users

Byteball will pay you based on your Steem reputation score and for referring other users. The stronger your reputation the higher the reward.

The attestation rewards are as follows:

Steem reputation above 30: you get a $10 reward

Steem reputation above 40: you get a $20 reward

Steem reputation above 50: you get a $40 reward

Steem reputation above 60: you get a $80 reward

Steem reputation above 70: you get a $160 reward

First download the byteball client by using this link: 

https://steem-byteball.org/#HLP7UW6W3GY622SJDOPLCISKAFL5XLFH and Comment here with your byteball wallet address. I will deposit some byteball into your account in order for you to use it for payment of the attestation. Join byteball and make some quickbucks and tokens. 

Follow the following instructions on how to get your steem account attested and earn your byteball tokens. 

1.  Download the byteball wallet through the link above and use the simple wallet module. You don’t need the full wallet as it will take a long time to download the whole blockchain.

2.  Comment here with your wallet address for 0.0006Gigabytes which you will need to sign your attestation.

3.  Click the “Chat”-button to the bottom right.

4.  Click the “Bot Store” tab to the top right. 

5.  Scroll down to find the bot named “Steem attestation bot” and click that.

6.  When added, the bot will greet you with a message explaining the process:

7.  First it will ask you to enter the address of the wallet you want to attest. Simply click the small icon at the bottom left   and choose “Insert my address (Small expenses wallet) and press the send button 

8.  The bot will now generate a link to Steemconnect. Click this link and follow the login procedure.


Click Continue

10.  Click the account you wish to use and proceed to login to prove you are the owner

11.  The bot will then ask if you want to store your username private (in your own wallet and only a hash i published) or public (details visible in the Byteball DAG). To enable others to send funds to your username instead of your wallet address, you must choose public.

12.  Finally, the bot will ask you to pay the attestation fee to cover the transaction fee of storing the attestation (private or public) on the DAG. Simply click the “Payment request 0.5 MB”-link and send the funds.

13.  As soon as the payment is confirmed, the bot will let you know it received the payment and transfer your reward based on your Steem reputation. It will also show you the link to your attestation, so you can see how your attestation looks on the Byteball DAG. Clicking the link will take you to the Byteball explorerand show you the attestation unit.

Read more Here.


Hi @osmansnr can you sponsor me U6YYF7WUGEKERK72MJHQ2A5HH2YGGG7I

Just sent it

M6ZZF56UN4EXCC4BXWP3XZW2PKJZ6AKX is my wallet can you send some bytes to get the account attested

just sent it, you can go ahead and attest


OK, I just sent you the tokens, you can go ahead and pay for the attestation

Thanks for sharing, this is my address


ok, I just sent you the tokens, you can go ahead and pay for the attestation

There was no response when I clicked the payment request link

you should see something like this

No I didn’t, nothing came up when I clicked the payment link


Did you see anything like this during the process?

no, i did not encounter any error message

Wow, I guess I should try it on the computer or what do you think?

Wow, I guess I should
Try it on the computer
Or what do you think?

                 - lifegoalmentor

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

That's a good idea, try that and lets see

thanks for the sharing! my wallet: V7V6L7ACHBQ4CXQKPANBFMQZ32UZLV4X

you are welcomed,
I just sent you the tokens, you can go ahead and pay for the attestation

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if it not text wast back... then how long I must wait ?
Do I have to keep this page open when I wait this Bot text back?

the bot doesnt take long to reply your text, just a few seconds.
where have you gotten to, so far?

I open it and it not text back I also restarted two hours ago, but I did not respond

That's unfortunate, but have you been able to successfully add the bot to your chats?

send photo... then I see...ok

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, this is how the home page looks like.
Then you now move and click on the chat icon

I had to delete history, and then he contacted me... this ws just the problem.

Maybe you can send me a photo, so that I can understand the problem better.

After clicking on chat, select Bot Store as seen in the picture.
Among the list of bots that will appear, Select and add the Steem attestation bot.
A welcome message will then appear telling you what to do next.
But before all this, you can find Your wallet address by clicking on the RECEIVE icon.
You can then copy the address and post here so that I can send you some tokens to enable you register.

Because once you add the bot , it automatically sends you a message explaining the procedure and asking you to send the address you wish to attest.

I understand what you're talking about, I did everything that you said, but at first he did not respond quickly and I put my address in... this why it did not text. So Some one said delete all history and try then... and then it did ... it text back when I open. Now it works I get what I want.

OK, that's great then.

YEs... and thank you that you text back.


OK, I just sent you the tokens, you can go ahead and pay for the attestation


Hope am not to late . Here is my address

Hola amigo espero puedas patrocinarme te felicito por tu gention TFADEPK4LGA3XTUJDNRJC4EHZOJTILSL


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