Top Crypto Airdrops Of The Week

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Want to get some crypto but don't have money to buy it? Invest a few minutes of your time and claim these four fast and simple cryptocurrency airdrops and use the funds received to buy the crypto of your choice.

Did I hear someone say STEEM? 😂

Following the huge success of my first crypto airdrop post, which is still active and you can still claim your VITE coins every 24 hours, I was thrilled to go on a hunt and discover the best airdrops I could find and present them to you.

crypto airdrop.png


SESSIA is airdropping $9 worth KICK tokens to their community members. To claim your 9 USD worth of KICK, complete these easy social tasks and submit your details to the corresponding airdrop form.

To do list:

Telegram Airdrop: $3 worth KICK for the first 10,000 participants

Twitter Airdrop: $3 worth KICK for the first 20,000 participants

Facebook Airdrop: $3 worth KICK for the first 20,000 participants

Few minutes worth of time to claim 9 bucks worth of tokens? Wish I could do this 24/7, 365.


This one is my favorite.

Presearch is an open, decentralized search engine that rewards its users with Presearch Tokens for using the platform. Cool thing about it is that Presearch rewards its users with 0.25 PRE for every search on the platform up to 8 PRE per day.

Presearch is airdropping 25 PRE tokens to new users.

Additionally, users get 25 PRE for every referral who signup using their link and earns 100 PRE on the platform.

To do list:

For this, you will get 25 PRE tokens.

Use the platform to earn an extra 0.25 PRE for every search done on the platform up to 8 PRE per day.

  • Also get 25 PRE for every referral who signup using your link and earns 100 PRE on the platform.

Get paid to browse is a reality with Presearch!


Revain is airdropping up to 70$ worth of Revain coins to their community members. They are holding two separate competitions, a writing contest, and a Reddit airdrop.

To do list:

Writing contest: (Chance to win from 3-300 RVN tokens)

  • Write reviews about any projects, exchanges, wallets, and cards on the Revain platform.
  • The review should be original and of high quality, with a minimum of 300 characters
  • Submit your details to this airdrop form.

Top 50 authors will receive from 3-300 RVN tokens.

Reddit Airdrop: (Up to 300 R tokens)

20 % of most active participants with the best review posts will receive 300 R tokens.

All participants who made at least 5 posts will receive 50 R tokens.

This one is obviously harder to claim, but for that reason, rewards are higher.


Bincentive is airdropping 860 BCNT tokens to new members.

To do list:

You will get 500 BCNT tokens.
The rewards will be given out at 12:00 (UTC+8) the following business day.

  • Complete a strategy with your BCNT balance to receive an extra 200 BCNT.
  • Get 100 BCNT for each referral and an additional 300 BCNT when they complete their first strategy.
  • Participate in this social media airdrop campaign to get an extra 160 BCNT tokens.

When you complete all of the above-mentioned tasks and you will get a total of 860 BCNT tokens.

Another quick and easy airdrop to claim, but Revain and Presearch which are listed on multiple exchanges and can be traded immediately, BCNT is still not yet listed on an exchange so we have to wait for a little until we can exchange the tokens received.

And that about wraps it up for today's top cryptocurrency airdrop post. I tried to find the fifth one to make it a top 5 list but I just couldn't find another one that's worthwhile. Maybe next time!


As an additional bonus for my followers who claim any of the above-mentioned airdrops I'll give out 10 STEEM to ten random users who:

  • post a picture of a claimed airdrop
  • re-steem this post

If you found value in this post and would like to get updates on future airdrops, be sure to give me a follow so you don't miss out.

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Done! Super easy and I really like the idea of Presearch.

Such shot, many typography, so classic

Bueno señores si quieren obtener GRANDES INGRESOS ingresen a este link y tengan una vida de ricos. Ahi les enseñan todo.

Great @runicar !! Love your post, I just did Presearch which is easy to set up and Bincentive I did too so I'm waiting to get first 500 BCNT. Thanks for these information !!Keep it up Screenshot 2019-06-16 at 00.38.07.png

Are you able to transfer preresearch to usd?

My Current Favorite:
Energi Earndrop

Earn up to 100 NRG (current price 1 NRG= $3.96)
Easy Tasks & a great community.

Dear friend @ranicar
There will be no greed for crypto gains without money. I am not even a part of it. This is the unwanted opportunity of Blockchain Steemian family. The wishes of those who work to understand the content may be fulfilled. I do not know how much will be possible for the inexperienced like me! ? I'm not following the experience. If you find anything We are waiting for this hope.Thanks all

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Thanka for letting us know.

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Hmmm.. I don't do airdrops anymore. I rather do bounties and earn much more. Take for example, Velic, Contents protocol, Veil, Anyone bounties all gave sweet rewards. Airdrops is just a waste of time.

u must be new here :D
PRL paid $11k and theres much more insane airdrops in retrospect ;)

Thanks for the tip my friend !!!

Hi i did the sessia airdrop
Reesteem done o/


Bcnex Super Airdrop $ 2.000.000 XRP - Live

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Join Here: Airdrop $ 2,000,000 XRP
Join here!

Airdrops, not my thing. I participated in Sessia bounty and am cool with that. Currently participating in Veil, Bcnex, Bethash and other cool bounties.

I participated in a lot of airdrops back in 2017 and some of the tokens I got pumped really well. I stopped all last year since it was no longer profitable. I'm not sure whether airdrops will work this time but for now, I prefer getting some undervalued coins like veil and eql. Best of luck to all airdrop hunters.

Thanks for the list, I started out with the presearch airdrop as it seemed like the easiest one. This is what the account looks like after 1 search.

Anyway, hope you keep these airdrop lists coming I really appreciate it.

Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 00.50.20.jpg

Thanks for this helpful information.

Thanks for the info! Are any of these tokens tradable in any exchange?

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Seriously, thanks for sharing these! I'm trying to raise money so this is such a helpful post and I hope you'll consider me for your 10 STEEM donation.