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The native token (MBK) of our project has a deflationary mechanism inbuild with the tokenomics of the platform.
By holding MBK and staking as part of our governance mechanisms, users can directly take part in the decision making process as well as receiving rewards and earnings.
Distribution of total supply:


TOTAL SUPPLY: 32.000.000 tokens (MBK)
90,00 % : 28.800.000 tokens supplied to the community via CROWDPOOLING. All funds raised and tokens will be locked in liquidity pools for 180 days.
9,00 % : 2.880.000 tokens for Founding Team. Tokens will be locked for 365 days/1 year).
1.00 % : 320.000 tokens for Development & Marketing (unlocked).
Rewards and Earnings for supporters aims to create highly incentivized token holders to contribute to the project and token growth (Store of Value).
Token holders will have the right to create and vote on proposals to the platform as part of its governance system.
As the token is non-inflationary and will no longer be minted, a percentage of the platform revenue will be used to purchase it from the open market and use it to burn.
90 % of net platform revenues will be distributed to holders. 10 % will be used to fund development expenses, improvements and new features.
MOBYDICK aims to distribute 90 % of it's native deflationary token to the community via crowdpooling in order to build a huge profitable liquidity pool from the very first beginning, resulting in a liquid trading market and giving holders governance as well as true earnings as rewards from platform revenues.
95 % of locked liquidity raised (first community capital fund) as well as swap fee earnings belongs to token holders. Investment decisions will be proposed and voted through the governance system.


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