3 Airdrops | Dapp.com, 90$ worth Windhan Energy Token, Coin Analyst Airdrop 1 Token = 0.01 EUR

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Hello there airdrop is the free and easy money. Recently 1000 tron airdrop is ended it is very best airdrop that provided huge amount for users. But it is only for first 10,000 downloads that's why i have not shared it here because it is ended yesterday.

Anyway here i have 3 airdrops for you so check it:

Airdrop 1

Windhan Energy is the name of company and Here you will get 90$ worth token by following simple tasks.

  1. Joing the windhan energy telegram bot and solve captcha.
  2. Like it's facebook page and latest post. And give your facebook profile link.
  3. Next is follow twitter and retweet pinned post. Give your twitter username.
  4. Follow company adviser on twitter and again give your twitter username.
  5. Now signup the official website and give registered email there.
  6. Finally now add your ERC20 ethereum address.

join now

Airdrop 2

You just need to signup by below given link:

  1. Add your email in the telegram bot and verify it.
  2. After successful verification you need to click on address and then add your ERC 20 ethreum address. Then you can check the status.
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Airdrop 3

Dapp is the paltform where Eos, Steem, Ethreum and tron Dapps listed. You can give ratings and review to any dapp So as a steemian you must rate our steem dapps there.

So anyway so now come to the point. You need to signup this website by below given link. After that, go to user center from the profile and complete the task Like twitter share, rating and review Dapp and updating profile ETC. You will get 55 DAPPT Token. We can predict good value of this token in the future.

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You can ask question in comment regarding these airdrops.


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