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Hello beautiful people; steemians. I am here after a long while to give you an update on our exhange platform @airhawk-project called airhawk-exchange, built on telegram. As many of you now know and as introduced in our post Airhawk SDB Exchange; Adding value to steemit, the purpose for which the platform was started, I am happy to bring to you a review of the on-goings with the platform from the time of announcement.

We are glad to say that we have recorded a significant progress in the affairs of the exchange with majority of our plans coming to fruition.


In the introductory post, we talked about trust being a factor for which you can choose to deal with us. We are happy to say that we have built much trust such that sellers now feel very free to send their assets to @airhawk-project even before the deal is established. This is as a result of previous transactions which have experienced successful executions.

As a result of the above, we have experienced an increase in the number of participants in the group as airhawk-exchange now serves as the main; if not the only hub for quick exchange of sbd/steem to fiat (local currency).

Price Control

As it is for every market, the participants (buyers and sellers) get to determine majorly how it is run. It is same for airhawk-exchange. We noted in the introductory post that our price control would only be restricted to amounts more than 5sbd forexampe, but participants have chosen the direction which it goes as even assets lesser than 5sbd gets more value as we envisaged. Checkout an image for one of our buyer's banner below.

We are heavily in need of sellers

Checkout the conversation below in this screenshots

The drama you saw above depicts how every transaction on airhawk-exchange goes about now. In our introductory post, we talked about the future we have for airhawk-exchange to be

We see the exchange being a “go to” place for steemians and non steemians alike. We see a numbers of bitcoin users withdrawing their bitcoins as SBD from the exchanges to escape the high fees and thereafter trade their SBD for fiat on our exchange. We also see some traders buying SBDs in bits to accumulate to the amount of funds they need to send to the exchange for trading. Above all, we see a bright future for steem and SBD.

This dream is what we have already seen materializing and can't wait for airhawk project to be a reason for a spike in the prices of these assets (a big dream that is). This is to say we are looking forward to many steemians who wish to exchange their SBD/steem that they are welcome and we have been waiting for those SBDs and steem even before they earn them.

We are envisaging a spike in this number of buyers especially with the unending spike in the transaction charges taken for bitcoin transactions most recently.

Also, we talked about having main interest in trading only SBDs for fiat but the market eventually went in the direction of sbd and steem for the period under review.

We are tired of exchanging just naira

One of our major goals is to serve as a go-to place for exchange of steem related assets for quick cash; no matter the country you are in. To achieve this goal, we are in need of other nationalities to come on board and buyers and sellers. We are sure and can boldly say that you are not getting value for your current means of exchange of these assets (especially small volumes). The best bet would be coming on to the exchange on telegram and join the market. I can assure you it's gonna be of mutual benefits for everyone.

Market Analysis for Executed trades so far (Courtesy @Kayceefresh)









You can find the weekly market analysis on every of our Weekly review posts. Find that of the last week here

Join us at airhawk-exchange on telegram.

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That is already running on the platform boss

I am a living witness to that:

See this

Thanks for the witness @ambmicheal. What next we are looking out for is having people frm other countries (especially crypto-traders) coming around so that we can easily have people spending their local currencies able to exchange their steemit assets on our exchange.

I am a living witness to the above stated, Airhawk SDB Exchange is the best at the moment. There is no charges/fees to pay, you choose who to sell to, and at what rate you wish to sell too. Trust issue is non existence, because @airhawk-project stands as the middle man.
If you are a Nigerian and you dont rock Airhawk SDB Exchange, you are on a long thing.

Trade your sbd with ease, without risk or fear. Inner peace is what Airhawk SDB Exchange guarrantees you.

This a great project here and I'm a testimony to the seamless transactions done here.

There was a time I wanted to sell BTC in my and withdrawal fee there is 0.001BTC ie approximately 9.9$ at the moment which is more than 3000 naira.
It was just too much so I converted my BTC to STEEM and withdrew to with a transaction fee of 0.01 STEEM which is approximately 3 naira.

I got value for my BTC when I sold the STEEM on airhawk-project exchange. Every single penny came in without stress.

What are you waiting for, buyers are waiting for you on airhawk-project exchange.

Come and get value.

Great job guys resteemed

nice, i'll have to have a more indepth read. looks interesting to say the least

Airhawk-project the next big project in town. It can only be better if we want it to be better.

Beautiful report, Kay. A catchy one at that. Can't take my eyes off those charts. Never mind that e dey do me somehow for head. Lol! U r one damn good economist airhawk is lucky to have. Keep it rolling.

waiting for when to get enough steem and sbd to partake in this, they made the work easy for novice like me

very very good information [email protected]

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If you want to run from nasty Btc tx fee when I want to do small exchange airhawk exchange will show you the love u deserve ;)

Please can I have your telegram link?

Click here to join our exchange ma.

Highly rEsteemed!