I welcome you all to the 7th series of the Airhawk Project weekly reports. Since its inception till now, we use this medium to applaud our ever loyal followers for staying awesome to read and contribute unto our achievements thus far. It is also a means to bring the generality of the steemit community up to speed with the goings in the @airhawk-project community. Reporting from the Airhawk-project studio is your amiable weekly hostess @aderonkemi. Hope I meet you in good health and sound mind. Has the festivities bell started jingling at your end? Not even metals clanging at my end. I hope I would be the first to wish your a Merry Christmas in Advance!

Let's quickly take a recap to our blogs recent activities that you might have missed.

Health Corner with Doctor @drepo1

Health corner with Doctor @drepo1 is a blog post featured on the @airhawk-project blog which discusses our general healthcare and well-being by our professional medical personnel in person of @drepo15. It is much more interesting in the sense that, you have to suggest a topic to be discussed on the next health blog! You can read its 1st Edition here. This is a must read! Highly recommended for all.

CRYPTOGENE ICO contest finally comes to an end

Like I announced in the last week's report about a contest featuring Cryptogene ICO with a reward of up to $6 for every post entered in regards the contest, it has finally come to a close on 24/11/17. Goodluck to all participants and to nonparticipants, as we were able to fulfill our promise of 6$ worth of upvote to at 3 post per day for 5 days while some others got 4$ worth of upvotes.Airhawk got you covered with yet another interesting contest you would be reading about in preceding paragraphs with more handsome prizes. Stay glued.


Airhawk telegram communities is the breeding ground of various thought out activities to feature on the Airhawk-project STEEMIT platform. You can also reach us through the Airhawk telegram community to join in our various activities and of course benefit from bonuses that comes from such group activities. A lot has since happened in the Airhawk communities since the beginning of the week. I would try as much to recollect in the subsequent paragraphs.

Introducing EXMR (Monero) and contests.

This week on the telegram community, Executive coordinator of Airhawk in the person of @dreamchasser gave an extensive lecture on the EXMR(monero) and as a bonus to all, introduced a contest on the STEEMIT platform where every contestant wins 200EXMR tokens for participating in the introduction of the coin by making a post on it. What are you waiting for? Jump in the moving Monero train and win you some bounty!


Like you all know, knowledge is an essential ingredient in the accumulation of power and even wealth. No week passes by, without being clad with this armor of knowledge in the Airhawk Telegram community. We had our webinar for the week delivered by our "financial Secretary" @kayceefresh on the topic "Benefits of Using the Airhawk Exchange Escrow room". A lot people are new and ignorant to the benefit of using exchange room wherein the one that caught my fancy was in the fact that you could boycott a transaction charge of up to 6$ for using the exchange. say no more! You can visit the Airhawk-archive to read what @kayceefresh had to say about this.

Airhawk Exchange Data Analysis for week 6/7

The next big thing is the Airhawk Escrow Exchange room where you can convert your STEEM, SBD to currencies of choice preferably Nigerian Naira and btc for now. We are looking to expanding into international horizon soon enough even with affirmations and support from such reputable steemians such as @destinysaid, @tojukaka @honourmous amongst other, we are working towards this. Transaction has been especially high this week due to Steem and SBD acceleration rate. Here is the breakdown for week 6/7 as compiled by financial secretary @kayceefresh.

Trade on airhawk exchange over the last two weeks was awesome as we recorded influx of more buyers and the price of SBD pumped 100% while STEEM remained stable throughout the period. All trades were on SBD/Naira and STEEM/Naira.

• Total SBD Exchanged in week 6 was = 407SBD in 25 Trades

• Total Steem Exchanged in week 6 was 301 STEEM in 8 Trades


• Total SBD exchanged in Naira in week 6 was 130,798

• Total STEEM exchanged in Naira in week 6 was 96,903.19


Total SBD Exchanged in week 7 was 547.759 SBD in 21 Transactions

Total STEEM Exchanged in week 7 was 1,058 STEEM in 18 Transactions



Total SBD exchanged in Naira in week 7 is 17,2137.9

Total STEEM exchanged in Naira in week 7 is 345,778


  • Total trade volume for SBD/Steem for week 6 & 7


The total volume of STEEM/SBD in Naira

Percentage trade volume for SBD/STEEM

Percentage Trade Volume in Naira

Join Airhawk-Exchange

Congrats to Airhawk Ambassador @samest

On behalf of members of the Airhawk project home and abroad, we congratulate our ambassador @samest for the arrival of his newborn bouncing baby boy! We appreciate you for all you have done for airhawk and pray that your baby grows in sound health and all perfections! Good news would not be far from us all. Cheers!

Celebrating our Youth corpers

Airhawk's Executive Coordinator @dreamchasser this week, suggested the celebration of those who have recently been called upon to serve their Father's land otherwise known as NYSC (National Youth Service Corps). In his words:

Tonight we will be celebrating our brothers and sisters who made it to their various NYSC camp....
I know you going thru a whole lot right now.
I always say this to anyone serving his/her country.
People struggle with day-to-day living just as you or I might, yet they draw from their experience and continue to lead lives of purpose and doesnt stop them from serving others.
Well I believe you should consider serving your country as a matter of personal integrity.”
If you do it, it will open your eyes to poverty, oppression, and human need. You will see children standing barefoot . You see old villagers afraid of terror. You will see bravery, kindness, and evil up close. You will definitely see suffering on a scale you had never encountered before.”
That's what serving is all.
Serving ones country buttressed many of the values that you will like to hold dear onto Volunteerism, service, commitment, integrity, faith - these are things that you will be identifies with on a very personal level. perhaps this value matters remember we are always proud of you guys we wish you more success

Love is what we sow in the Airhawk Project Telegram community. Are you presently serving as a Youth Corper in any of the Nigerian state?? Let us celebrate you today! Simply join the Airhawk love community!

Anticipate Airhawk's Exclusive interview

It is yet another day to host a steemian on our Exclusive interview session! Start up the guest guess and win some prizes! Don't miss this very edition! It promises to be knowledge-filled, interesting and didactic! Learn from others who has ascended the STEEMIT ladder for a smooth sailing steemit journey! Our guest today is none other than our own very..................................keep the guess coming!!!!

I hate to leave you guys but I think ending is inevitable! It was a successful week as usual for Airhawk. Are you part of the success yet? Are you a beneficiary of this success yet? If no, what would you simply do? Join us Today! Have a blessed week ahead.. Much love from @aderonkemi💕💕 here.... Bye!!!!!!!!

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Thanks for mentioning "team". It's a teamwork right in here. Thanks for dropping by.

As you have rightly said, Knowledge is power. @airhawk-project is not only gifting us with SBD and a whole lots of cryptocurrencies and dollars, He has continually been there for us; to teach, guide, and direct our steps towards acheiving greater heights.
You are generousity personified. May you and your team grow from strenght to strenght.

Thanks for taking part in the cryptogene contest. We trust you have gained some crypto knowledge from it.

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