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It is a popular saying that health is wealth and we at @airhawk-project thought it wise to introduce a health corner to ensure that every steemian is healthy enough to enjoy the returns we get here.
I, @drepo15, will be one of the anchors of this series and I promise to make it very interactive.

What is Health?

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health here as a state of complete (total) physical, mental, and social well being, and not just the absence of disease.

The definition above presents an ideal situation, I can therefore arguably say that there is no one who is totally healthy but we all have relative state of well being.

This makes it imperative on us all to give proper attention to our health.

Why bother?

You may believe that ignorance is bliss, but such bliss can be dangerous. In developing nations like Nigeria where I practice, late presentation of patients to clinics is big factor for poor outcome (prognosis) of diseases. There are so many reasons for this which include

  1. poverty
  2. illiteracy
  3. religious beliefs
  4. self medication and quackery
  5. inadequate access to appropriate medical care etc

I do believe that as steemians we have great intellectual minds and we should be able to rise above these issues.

There are various silent medical killers and I was able to highlight a few in my blog some three months back.

The scope

This health corner doesn't seek to just dump knowledge or fear on you but wants to meet specific needs. There is no end to illnesses that plague men and as you know medical books are always voluminous. There are four broad specialties with hundreds of sub-specialties i.e.
  1. Internal (adult) medicine
  2. Surgery
  3. Pediatrics (childhood illnesses)
  4. Obstetrics (pregnancy related) and gynaecology (specific women diseases)

To narrow it down i'll seek to answer specific questions or clinical scenarios dropped in the comment section below. The ailment with the most mention will be discussed in the subsequent post. If what you have in mind has been mentioned you can add your comment below it.

Let's get the ball rolling.
Expecting your comments and questions.

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- Albert Einstein

How dangerous can blood clotting be after a surgery

I have heard of cases where the patient was operated on and he was perfectly fine but died a day or two after

Results found out its blood clotting

Patient may have had a clotting disorder
It's up for consideration

How about lupus, kidneystones and some diseases far underprevented in 3rd world countries like ours(nigeria)

There are many preventable diseases killing us
Up for consideration

Pls kindly highlight Pneumonia and its causes of children's death in the next post. I lost a baby to it 😢😢..... Thanks

so sorry to hear that
Pneumonia is definitely up for consideration