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Hello guys, hope you are all of good health, if not you could always check up on our doctor via his many posts, leave a comment here and he is sure to get back to you.

So today, we bring a new contest. Although the idea of a contest is centered on an event with the hope of coming out first and a special prize is allocated to the first position, but rather than just the first position, why not make everyone a winner, sweet right? @otemzi here with you today bringing a new event which will be hosted on Friday's subsequently from now on.

Every Friday is usually a day to relax and stretch out those stiffed joints especially with the weekend in sight. This is not any different from what happens in the @airhawk-project telegram group, but with a little in house party at some instances which I sure by now many of you can attest to. If you are yet to witness this party, the telegram link leading to our home base is at the end of this post and come join us.


We hope to build a better and stronger relationship between steemit users, hope to find our niche and alongside build our followers list.

We don't have to look through a crystal ball to know that members of steemit are bound to get bored and discouraged when their quality posts do not get the required attention (payout) and o the flip side, they could quickly embrace that niche that is really paying. In this line however, it becomes easier for users to write about any topic whatsoever ; even if they do not understand what is being written but in as much as they can earn from it. While I am not against writing for earning, I believe each member could have that particular niche of theirs which they could then result to writing happily about.


This Friday, @airhawk-project will be introducing a new event titled Discover my Niche but first, what’s a niche many may ask?

Niche is a position or activity that particularly suits somebody's talents and personality or that somebody can make his or her own.

According to Encarta Dictionaries.

My question now is, how many users can boastfully say to themselves that this tag is my niche or that tag is my niche?

Well, not many I would say, so come this Friday we will be working together to see how we can get to that point of discovery of our niche especially. That place where we can feel relaxed and write about comfortably; not being worried if our write-up is yet up to 1k words or if we added adequate amount of pictures, or being scared to reply to comments as we barely have any knowledge of the topic we posted about.

What do we expect to see from this contest?

Just like every contest there is bound to be rules guiding it and I would say these rules are actually worth it and you are sure to have a fun time.

Every Friday or subsequent Fridays, a user or a mod will stand a chance to select a tag, which we are all expected to create a topic around and try to be as elaborate as possible, remember try to make your work as beautiful as possible.


  1. Each user is expected to take full advantage of the markdown editing style, so as to beautify our work and stand more chance to be a winner.

  2. All works should be properly sourced if there is any, inability to source a work you got online means you are claiming ownership of that work. So please, do well to source it as nobody would be happy if his or her work was copied and no acknowledgement given to them.

  3. The use of pictures are totally welcomed as they are able to explain far much better than just mere words.

  4. Only one post is allowed a week as related to the tag selected at that particular time. Or say you can only submit one post under the chosen tag per week

More rules will be added as the contest evolves as this is an idea under development , or some might be removed if we find out they limit the writer’s ability to freely express him/herself.

This is where the fun comes in, every subsequent Friday from now on each user is expected to come online at 8:00pm GMT and take the stand, where he will be discussing the topic he wrote about with the house, hope you not the shy type like me? lol... But you can let that slide as this is social media and "no one is seeing anybody".

How do I join this contest?

Create a post centered around the selected tag, use "my-niche" as your first tag, the second tag should be the selected tag for that week and "airhawk-project" as your third tag and any other tags as you deem fit. Each post should be dropped at @airhawk-project telegram linkzone specifying that this is for the ongoing contest ~~ My-niche~~

Tighten your seat belts and prepare to be enlightened and thrilled by fellow users and yes, including you.

Reward for this?

Yes, I know you've been looking forward to this. The 50k+ delegation on the community account would be utilized for posts made under this tag at the end of the week. Just make sure you use the required tags. The juice is that

The tag for this week for example is shortstory beause of the short time we have to friday.
Your short story should not be less than 150 words and not more than 300 words.

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The Airhawk-project – Relating, Informing, Sharing, and Supporting One Steemit.


great initiatives

This is pretty cool @airhawk-project

@airhawk-project and team are really doing great things towards keeping this community growing. This is another great opportunity to help steemians discover their niche and how to fully make wave through their niche. @airhawk-project is fully committed towards encouraging and building people of this community to be outstanding even outside #steemit community.

Your effort is fully appreciated. Am in

Regards @maintain4real-eu

we at team Airhawk really appreciate your kind words and we can't wait to see what you come up with

Wow nice development wish I knw what to write about since am a baby anyway will ask my mom and uncle to help me out 😉 go team airhawk-project

lol we can't wait to read about it all

Am in love with this
Nice concept

Thanks for the comment and we can't wait to read your work

lol you made your post yet?
If yes please drop at airhawk-project telegram page

Yeah, I already did.

Everyday this @airhawk-project keeps making me fall in love 😍 "

we loves you too bro, hope to see there tomorrow

This is a great initiative. I'm 100% in. Resteemed!!!

thanks for that awaiting your post

This is so cool.... Kudos guys!!! 😉😉😉

thanks for the comment @onyechi

Wow. So we have the tag for tomorrow already?
This is gonna be fun aswear!

yes it sure is, hoping to read your work

My post is ready. Will be up any moment from now.


Great one @airhawk-project always coming up with unique ideas that'll benefit the community💪

thanks @valency1 its all team work and we take it very seriously to bring the best to. our community

Awesome, looking forward to wonderful posts!

thanks sir we sure do, you should participate as well

@airhawk-project una too much. glad to be a member

you welcome boss, glad to have you

Thanks for that, you should participate we are expecting your work

Wow! I am happy about this. Thanks so much @airhawk-project

you are welcome and is still not too late to make a post for this week

wow,,,, that's a great post.....

thanks for this @nomita you should participate, a great reward awaits you

Thanks @airhawk-project. I have entered the link to my entry into my-niche contest to the telegram link zone.

Alright. I appreciate that. It is 'love' I hope am right?

The new tag as been setup kindly check @airhawk-project

The new tag as been setup check @airhawk-project and please do read the entire post

My post was not considered @airhawk-project.

The new tag as been setup check @airhawk-project and please do read the contest entirely

Can one publish the post before Friday or do I have to wait till then?

yes you are to make the post on or before friday 8pm gmt and to share it on our linkzone specifying myniche via Telegram we can't wait to read your work just follow the above rules and you are already on your way to get the reward

This is so cool.
I write more on #health but I've seen myself stray at times in search of paying tags.
This is a great move to encourage us to be versatile.
Kudos @otemzi @airhawk-project

Thanks for your kind words Doc much appreciated