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Hello fellow steemians, I just feel like sharing this little piece so as to take caution and be more careful while doing such most especially newbies like me though it may happen to anyone.

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But before then, I will like to appreciate @emmakwisequote for his advice per time and also checking on my progress so far. I'm using this medium also to appreciate my followers and those I do follow closely like @ehiboss, @mimy, @ogoowinners, @darmath, @everlove, @olawalium, @alexandravart, @alao, @stach, @adejoke16 and many more (just to mention a few). You all are really helping me to stand on my toes, sharpening my skills, learning art and act from you all. Thanks so much.

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After all the bleeds of pen, contests, reading and commenting on different blog post; curations and author's reward came in only to mistakenly transfer all my 4.367it into a wrong Steemit account(@emma).

I was actually trying to type @emmakwisequote as the recipient of the fund but after typing the first three letters(emm), there was a pop up of steemians that has their name with such letters. I actually thought I clicked on @emmakwisequote not knowing I clicked @emma.

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As a good leader, @emmakwisequote did all he could to help if we could contact @emma but only to know that he opened his account April 2016 but hasn't blogged since then which means he may not even be aware of the fund I mistakenly transferred. You may confirm from his wallet.

I actually want to help a friend with the fund in order for him to travel out the state for an exam in Benin, Nigeria. I had to do what I'm not used to for me to be of help. I've borrowed the money from another friend of mine and I promise to return it before two weeks with my upcoming sbd.

Nevertheless, I won't like such to happen to anyone which is why I'm imploring us all to be very careful while transferring our funds to another Steemit account for you not to make my kind of mistake.

I've learnt from great leaders on Steemit here not to be weighed down by circumstances but to look up in order to move forward. It's not mainly about the rewards but to touch and transform lives, making people to learn and smile through the bleeding of pen.

Thanks to you all for reading.


Wow! This is serious and I had to read again with sympathy in my heart! @alfred1 this denotes that I need to be careful in whatever I do. To some its just a post but to me its more than a steemit post. You've actually given us an eye opener to being cautious as its said that "experience is the great teacher". Am sincerely sorry about what the SBD loss might have cost you but believe that the best is coming your way this week and beyond. See it as lesson and you shall never experience such anymore. Thumbs up bro for sharing this experience2018 for us all to tap into, learn and be careful. #gbayi.🏇🏇🏇

Thanks @oduwole. I really appreciate. Let's continue to Steemit together

This js a painful mistake

A painful one indeed but I learnt my lesson. Smiles

So painful, we need to be very careful. Things will be better bro

Wow! @tabithaa, my co-arsenal fan. Thanks so much for your concern, I really appreciate.

So sorry about that @alfred, not to worry, greater you after this ugly experience

Yes for sure. Forgetting the past and moving on is the key. Thanks dear

Main point noted.

Thanks for sharing

So sorry about that bro....
I wish you luck... God will give you double for your loss.

Amen. Thanks so much for your motivations and encouragements.

Food for thought. That was how one guy transfered 10sbd to a guy who has dumped his acct since two years ago. Thats the reason why before i transfer anything, i cross check multiple times till am very sure of the details.

Thanks so much bro for the post.

Thanks @happymicheal. I've learnt to be more careful next time

Sorry to hear that and thank you for sharing a piece of advice here. One must be very careful in making sbd transfer. ;)

Thanks so much @puroypoi. I really appreciate

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