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What Is ICO​?

ICO stands for ​Initial Coin Offering​ or preferably known as ​Initial Public Coin Offering​.
It is a time a newly developed Cryptocurrency ( COIN) is offered to the public for purchase or investors to invest at a very cheap price.

Some sells below 50 cent per coin and most time the price can progress to around or above 2$/coin during the ICO stage.

The major reason is to create a Global acceptation of the newly Developed Coin.

​As an Investor, Why Investing in a Coin during ICO?​

The sole aim of every investor in any business is to make Profit within the shortest possible time.

It has been that many has been turned dollar millionaires simply because of investing in a Coin during ICO.

For instance, Hextracoin was sold 0.7$/coin during ICO just 3 weeks a ago. Now, it is worth 40$/coin .

Now let's make a calculation of the Profit. Say, You invested 100$ in Hextracoin which gives you 143~ coin
Now, Just 2.5 coins at 40$/coin when sold you make your capital back. The remaining 140.5coin is now your Profit for investing just 100$
Your Profit would be 140.5 × 40$= 5,620$
The coins has the capacity to rocket 🚀 to thousands of dollars per coin in the Process of time.
Bitcoin is an example. Sold below 50cent in 2009 is now over 7,000$/coin

​INVESTING in Crypto currency particularly during ICO is the easiest and fastest way to become rich although it has its Risk like every other Business​

​CURRENTLY 👇👇 these are the Promising ICO we recommend if you want to Invest​


Ucoincash has started its ico already at the time of writing this and it will end on 10th december better utilize this great opportunity now.


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