Air New Tab with a New Look for your Chrome Desktop

in #airnewtab4 years ago

Air New Tab:Productivity & Time Tracker

Replace new tab page with a personal dashboard featuring task-list, time and date.
Productivity new tab page with HD pictures and features that will complete and make easier your daily activities, there is also time tracking.

Air New Tab offers you task-list. It is intuitive task manager, where you can see your tasks on the app’s live tile, and set tasks notifications. Very clean, responsive (fast) and intuitive user interface.

Air New Tab offers you weather gadget which displays not only your local weather, but also the weather in whatever location you choose.
Air New Tab wanted to give you complete experience by offering you set of daily inspirational photos that will set a daily focus for you for the best working experience.
Air New Tab will give you the best work environment.


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