AirWire Ambassador Program Update

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AirWire Ambassador Program Update

The interest in the ambassador program (#ambassador-program channel in Airwire Discord) has been overwhelming, and I want to thank all the people who have expressed interest in the program.

At this early stage, the AirWire Ambassador Program is focused on two key areas to lay a strong foundation moving forward: instruction and outreach.


On the instruction side, the current primary focus is to search for individuals in the community willing to create instructional videos in their native language for the Airwire YouTube page.

This is absolutely essential, because individuals new to the Airwire platform will need a reference to return to after the Meetups are over, and choose to share it with friends, family and business associates.

We currently have two individuals who are working on Spanish and Portuguese translations of the Airwire instructional video Welcome to AirWire - Simple Sending/Receiving - Better Airdrops (


The top priority is to have interested individuals translate and record this video in their native language. A bounty of 100 WIRE will be paid for completed, edited recording of this video with some conditions.

To prevent duplication of effort, all video translations must be authorized prior to submitting a finished copy for review. Airwire only needs one instructional video per language. Having multiple individuals provide multiple copies of a video translation in the same language does nothing to enhance the instructional reach.

Once authorized, the individual can then proceed to create and edit the video for submission. After review, the bounty will be released. Again, please do not submit a video for a translation which has not been authorized. No bounty will be provided for any unauthorized efforts.


With the outreach side, we need the help of the entire community to share the registration link to everyone in their network – family, friends, business associates, acquaintances – everyone.

We make the token more valuable by increasing circulation to the widest possible audience. That basic gesture by everyone in the community will do much more than the concentrated efforts of a few great connectors simply by virtue of the combined reach of the group.

I am searching for Airwire ambassadors for various countries throughout the world as well. The outreach effort needs ambassadors who can focus on two main pieces: swift PR translation/social media reposting, and hosting/attending regular meetups/events in your community to promote Airwire.

Airwire releases PR pieces on a semi-regular basis. The Airwire ambassadors would need to be able to translate those PR pieces swiftly, re-format as needed, push the translated PR through their own social media channels and provide Airwire completed, translated copy as well. Much like the instructional reach, timely and swift PR translations are essential at this stage.

If you want to be part of this AirWire Ambassador Program please join to AirWire Discord and write in #ambassador-program channel

Airwire team has created interesting relationships with more blockchain proyects, coins and tokens, they are so far:

4new | firetoken | iolite | kartblock | luxxeum | socialspaces

More projects will be onboard soon!

The changes are taking place, are we changing too?

Well, this is my AirWire inspired post thinking about the posibilities in this new era, thank you for reading it, register in AirWire now and start sharing love to others!

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