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RE: AirWire - Taking the Temperature of the Community

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I still think this looks like a good project! I am curious to hear about the airdrop that was mentioned here some time ago. We were asked to up vote daily posts, which I did. There was a Google spreadsheet showing some progress in tracking this, but it only goes to day 17 out of 35 days, from what I can see. I am on the discord but not too often. Is there something you can say here about this Bounty and Airdrop please? Last thing I saw was the last daily post on day 35: Thanks for any info on this! :)


You ever get those tokens?

Not yet. I see there is activity on Discord but I haven't had the time to see exactly where they are, in their roadmap. It would be good to get an update here, where we got used to seeing them everyday, and where I up voted them every day. It takes a lot of time, usually, from my experience, to keep up with a Discord and read all that is happening, so a summary helps. :)

We will have this updated and the WIRE sent out soon.

Any more news for us here that upvoted all the posts. I’m looking forward to learn how I will get all those tokens.